EraLeigh Bell

EraLeigh Bell, CPT, grew up in a household where holistic, homeopathic, eastern and western health practices were integrated into her daily life. Growing up she went to  Chiropractors/Acupuncturists/Functional Medicine providers/Homeopathic providers before going to a doctor’s office. Her first acupuncturist was a blind man who was also a licensed chiropractor,and specialized in homeopathic and functional medicine. She saw first hand the way the body can be balanced,healed,and moved through these forms of healing EraLeigh has had her personal health battles over the last 15 years, with chronic infections, fatigue and all manner of ailments that modern health practices were unable to identify. Everything came to a head in 2019, where she was unable to walk, and brain trauma was her scary reality. With the help of turning to her upbringing as a child and seeing Functional and Homeopathic providers she can now run,and even wear her favorite high heeled shoes again She hopes to realize her dream one day and help others by becoming like one of the people that helped her become whole again.