Talking Stem Cell Therapy, Acupuncture, Functional Medicine with Regan Archibald – I Am Salt Lake Episode 366

The name East West Health was chosen because in our opinion, you can’t just have one philosophy with medicine, there can’t be one right answer. A lot of people will argue western medicine is the best, and possibly only way, and taking a drug/surgical approach is the only scientific way to practice medicine, but we disagree.

Regan wondered why with nutrition, autoimmunity, and all the money we are spending on chronic disease in America, we were still getting sicker every single year. Isn’t there a more holistic approach? From these questions Regan was introduced to the Traditional Chinese Medical School of Hawaii.

We want to prevent sickness within the body from ever occurring. Unfortunately, too many people don’t care about their health until they need care. A lot of individuals don’t want to make the financial commitment to better their health now, and in the long run, end up paying more to solve the issues that have arisen, versus prevent them from starting to begin with.

We see this a lot with diet. Changing your diet can cost a little more in groceries each month, but gaining control of your diet and health can help you avoid weight increase, which can lead to heart problems, joint problems, and even type 2 diabetes, plus more. These can become debilitating and much more costly than adopting clean eating early on.

What is Stem Cell Therapy

To clear the air, Regan first explains that stem cell therapy is not done with embryonic stem cells, which are illegal. However, they are often in the media because there is a lot of research happening with embryonic stem cells, for instance through the University of Utah and Huntsman Cancer Institute.

The stem cells East West Health use come from the perinatal tissue, which is from the placenta or umbilical cord. We have found that the therapy part of stem cells helps your body regenerate from areas that have been damaged long term.

What is Acupuncture

While we do functional medicine, stem cell therapy, trigger point injections, and other regenerative medicine, to Regan, acupuncture is the most grounding and the most comprehensive medicine on the planet.

Acupuncture is much more than just sticking a needle in your body. From the outside, without a comprehensive understanding of acupuncture, it seems like an odd way to treat the body. However, in 1997 the National Institutes of Health did a comprehensive study on acupuncture, and they found that it outperformed all the conventional treatments for migraines, osteoarthritis in the knees, tendinitis, and others.

Acupuncture works off of our pressure points. An acupuncture needle opens up the energy currents in our body. From a brain’s perspective it opens up the opiate receptors, which means it can help individuals get off specific narcotics they are struggling with. It can increase serotonin and dopamine and can help those struggling with depression. And on top of all of this, acupuncture can help with motility. There are certain points that you can use with acupuncture to improve digestive issues.

Acupuncture combined with certain herbs and nutrition, can make phenomenal changes in someone’s life.

The biggest thing East West focuses on is the actual cause of the symptoms. We don’t want to simply treat the symptoms, we want to find the root cause.

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