The Immune Check Up &
Defense Master Class

Be Proactive and Build Your Immune System

It’s time to be proactive and build your immune system so that you can handle anything that gets thrown at you. If you want to take charge of your health and have the tools you need to boost your immune function and live well, this is for you. If you are looking for better answers with your health and well-being, this is for you!

In this 5 Module course
you will learn:

At Home Remedies for Immunity

Lifestyle for Intelligent Immunity

Ancient treatments for Modern Bugs

Peptides, Herbal Medicine & Nutrition for boosting Immunity

Vitamin IV's, NAD & Glutathione + Cell Health Education for Immunity

Monthly Classes with Live Q&A in the Immune Defense Masterclass Webinars

Hello! I’m Regan Archibald


Did you know you can build an immune defense again COVID-19 and beyond? I am going to teach you how to become your own best line of defense against coronavirus and other epidemics, WITHOUT depending on government intervention, fad treatments, or ignoring the immune crisis.

The Immune Check Up & Defense Master Class

Course Value $997 + Health Immunity Check Up ($200 Value) = $1,197 Value
for ONLY $87 when you purchase today!!!

**Intended for Education only- this is not a diagnosis, cure, nor individualized treatment plan.
For specific questions, please schedule a consult with your Functional Medicine Provider.