The Truth About Pain


Myth #1: The pain is all in your head


Myth #2: You have to learn to live with the pain


Myth #3: Medications will eliminate the pain


Myth #4: A doctor can't help my pain

Dear Chronic Pain Sufferer,

Our Goal is Simple…

We help you find relief from knee pain, back pain, foot, and other joint pain!

    • No Surgery
    • No Medications
    • No Downtime

After one visit to our clinic you will understand:


  • The 3 Phases of Care that set us apart from other clinics
  • Our TOP natural, innovative pain relief strategies
  • How to avoid surgery and the steps needed to eliminate your pain

We Succeed Where Other Treatment Methods Fail

Anodyne Pain & Wellness Solutions is a healthcare clinic that provides chronic pain solutions for patients to live pain-free, think clearly, and have more energy to enjoy life again. With four Utah clinics and others in New Mexico and Hawaii, Anodyne considers itself a one-stop healthcare clinic. Patients can access various treatment options at an Anodyne clinic from acupuncture, joint injections, and even peptide therapy.

Regan Archibald, a founding member of Anodyne and an expert on restorative therapies that treat pain in entirely new ways and promise to present brand new solutions for removing pain without the use of surgery or drugs and to transform the lives of patients. 

Archibald followed through with his promise to transform the way people think about pain when he revealed the four myths about pain. By debunking these myths, like pain is all in your head, Archibald was able to shift how people may respond to their pain.

We want to transform your life.