EraLeigh Bell

Michele Schroeder, CTNC, Health Coach, graduated with her BA in Psychology, Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC). Here is her health journey! “Although I was at my ideal weight, exercising regularly and eating a pretty healthy diet, I still had my own major health crisis.

As a health coach, I teamed up with physical trainers who owned a gym to help people lose weight. I also started participating in their boot camp, but something was wrong. I soon stopped being able to recover from exercise. My energy was shot and I was experiencing pain, low stamina, anxiety attacks, rashes, poor digestion, debilitating fatigue and brain fog! Nothing I did seemed to help. Finally, I went to the dermatologist because of the severe rash I was experiencing. He broke the news that I had an autoimmune condition.

I felt pretty devastated because my aunt was diagnosed only 3 years earlier with the same condition and her health was on a steep decline. She had tried many conventional treatments and seemed to only be getting worse. Because it was Lupus, I felt like I got a death sentence or at least a life sentence for having ill health. I had always taken good care of myself so I literally felt betrayed by my own body.

I frantically searched for answers. The doctors only had one thing to offer me –medication, which gave me pretty severe side effects. Soon, I was pale and grey, more tired, and I had bruises all over my body.
After addressing things like gut health, nutrition, and other physical and emotional triggers, I was able to get off all medication and begin to thrive again. Everyday I recognize what a gift good health is.

I am a certified transformational nutrition coach and I love working with a team of professionals who care about helping people get well. Together we are able to fast track recovery for those who are willing to make a few simple lifestyle changes. I love coaching and offering the support people need to make health and wellness a reality again.”