On last week’s episode of Go Wellness Radio, Regan welcomed Patty Diblasio, MD on the podcast. She joined us to speak about stem cells, mindset, and healing MS.

Patty is a doctor that specializes in functional medicine and integrated medicine. But not only that, she is actually a patient of East West Health! You can watch her testimonial by clicking here.

Patty believes in body, mind, and spirit for health. “It’s not just about taking a pill, it’s everything that we can do that is within our reach to make ourselves healthy.” As an individual with MS, Patty doesn’t want to take any of the high power drugs, and wants to keep her treatment as healthy as she possibly can, so she was researching options for her and her husband. During her research she learned more about stem cell therapy.

Patty Diblasio, MD’s Benefits from  Stem Cell Therapy

“The things that particularly were plaguing me, were some brain fog, not every day, not all day long…Feeling imbalance when I walk. I have to walk a little more carefully because I’m not real sure where my feet are sometimes. The main thing was just energy levels.” The day after Patty and her husband received stem cell treatment from East West Health they went to Park City, UT to enjoy the weekend. They were staying at nearly 10,000 feet, and her husband (an avid runner) was able to run over five miles without losing his breath, and she was able to take a long hike without feeling short of breath as well.

She says they have both continued to improve after the stem cell treatment. Her fatigue has improved, her balance has improved, and she’s able to slow jog now, which she wasn’t able to do before.

Stem cell therapy continues to improve the body long after treatment. Other treatments, like a steroid shot, create a period of relief, but eventually wear off, stem cells continue to repair the problems within the body long after the initial treatment.

Watch the full webinar from Go Wellness below, or give one of our four Utah clinics a call to see how we can help you with your health concerns!



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