Health helps you have a fulfilling life, connect better with those around you, and gives you the energy you need to make your dreams a reality.

The current direction of the healthcare industry does well in treating crisis care and disease management.

But they do not do much to promote and extend the quality of life or to prevent diseases. Currently, the healthcare system says that care that seeks to prevent disease, promote health and prolong and enhance the quality of life is not considered medically necessary.

East West health takes a different approach to help individuals reach their best level of health. We enhance the quality of life through health coaching and regenerative medicine.

Our procedures and natural and safe and are designed to prevent disease and promote your overall health. Our approach is not a medication based but is more of a wholeness approach.

A Health Crisis

We are in a health crisis. 95% of the world’s population has health problems and one-third of those have more than five chronic conditions. How many of you have pain?

How many of you have other health consequences because of the pain that you feel? For example, many are exhausted and tired because they are unable to sleep because of the chronic back pain they are experiencing.

Do you have a disease that you wish you could get rid of? When you talk to healthcare providers, are you constantly told that medication and surgeries are the only solutions that will work for your condition?

Many people are given large amounts of medications to try and treat their issues. Five or more medications is called polypharmacy syndrome.

When you are on five or more medications, you have a 100% chance of having an adverse reaction to those medications. 76% of all doctor visits end in a prescription medicine being given as the solution to the problem they are having.

There has got to be solutions to this issue. There has got to be alternatives to prescription drugs.

Looking For Solutions

Cortisone injections are possible solutions that people have been using to treat pain. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory drug that is known to reduce swelling.

Although it can reduce swelling, there are side effects that come with the injections. Some side effects include osteoporosis. You can potentially lose up to 8% of bone loss in 4 months.

Having low doses of injections for one year can cause cataracts. The injections can also elevate blood sugar and suppress your ability to fight infection.

These cortisone shots often time lead to surgeries. Often times, people think that surgery is the only answer. There is a lot more involved with surgery than people know up front.

With surgery, there is an average of three to six month of healing and rehabilitation time. Often times, there is no guarantee of the result and there are high percentages of failure and complications involved with surgeries.

50% or more will need additional surgeries after the initial one. The total average cost from an uncomplicated surgery is $ 68,000. People believe that surgery is the best direction to take because it is often times, the only choice they are given.

Regan had a snowboarding accident a few years back and he had a lot of different injuries that he needed to take care of. The medical practitioners told him that he would need surgery in order to repair everything from the accident.

Regan knew that there had to be an alternative to the situation. He took the route of regenerative medicine. Within 3 days of the procedures, he had pain relief.

Within 3 months, there was an 80% improvement with his injuries. In just 6 months, he was just as strong as he had been before the accident.

Regenerative Medicine Of The Future

When you are searching for a clinic that does regenerative medicine procedures, be sure to use a clinic that uses the tissue that is the healthiest and the most optimized source of cellular material.

It is also important to find a clinic that also focuses on follow-up care and makes sure the treatments are properly administered. It is best if the clinic focuses on whole body health and takes a holistic approach to medicine.

Regenerative medicine is the medicine of the future.

Our bodies have over 220 different types of cells. As we age, we lose stem cell populations. But, stem cells have incredible properties in them.

You can transplant stem cells from other parts of your body or from perinatal tissues. None of the stem cells that we use in our procedures can be manipulated.

Stem cells have the ability to regenerate what has been damaged. The same material that has been used to grow a baby is used and can help heal bodies. A loss of pain and inflammation can occur in the body when the stem cells are inserted.

There is more to regenerative medicine than helping with pain. With Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, you can use stem cells for facelifts, hair restoration, sexual enhancement, and orthopedic injections.

Regenerative medicine is 50% of the results and your health, your daily actions and your initiative is the other 50%.

At East West Health, we believe in a three-prong approach to help you get the best results possible and for you to reach your highest level of health.

Out three-prong approach includes the following:


The correct tests are administered to get a better read on your genetics, your gut health, and your hormone levels.


Once the tests have been administered, our medical team will help you determine the best treatment for you. The treatment can include acupuncture, vitamins, regenerative cell treatment, hormones, and herbs.


Throughout the whole process, you will receive health coaching and mentoring so that you can become more educated and so that you can start feeling like yourself again. 

Watch the video below to learn more and Give East West Health a call so we can help you feel you best!