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Our regenerative treatments help you feel, move and perform your BEST!


Reduce Joint Pain


Improve Mobility


Decrease Inflammation


Vital Component #1 : We Only Use The Best Technology

At East West Health, we believe you shouldn’t have to suffer from joint pain.

Our extensive training, unique approach, and highly specialized therapies give our patients a huge advantage in regaining their active and normal lives.

Our Pain Relief Therapy technology we use is the best available and many other doctors don’t want to invest the kind of money it takes for the best equipment.


Vital Component #2 : Customized Treatment plans

An important part of the long-term success of our Pain Relief System is our commitment to creating a unique treatment plan that will maximize your results.*

Treatment plans can include:

Tissue Allograft Injections, lifestyle modifications, acupuncture, fitness protocols, peptides, and much more.

A plan will be customized specifically for you.*

Our Treatment Stops Pain in its Tracks

No Medications ● No Surgery  ● Insurance Accepted