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Our Approach

The East West Health St. George Clinic uses a team approach for more personalized treatment. Our purpose is to provide the highest level of care by having acupuncturists and western medical doctors working side by side. Our goal is to help as many people as possible get healthy and free of pain naturally!

Our Promise

Combining the best of Eastern and the most up-to-date, noninvasive natural Western therapies, we are more equipped than ever to get your health back on track.

The Challenge

According to the World Healthcare Organization, healthcare in America ranks 33rd in the world, yet we spend more on healthcare than any other country. We believe the body can naturally heal itself when given the right conditions.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide lasting solutions by having the best western trained and eastern trained functional medicine doctors working as a team to recover your health.

At East West Health we focus on finding the underlying cause of any health concern through testing and diagnostics then we design a plan with the patient to help them obtain optimal health,” says Dr. Jared Taylor, St. George’s leading practitioner.

Check out our Introduction to East West Health video (filmed primarily at our St. George Clinic):

East West Treatments

Our acupuncture treatments and medical services provide the highest level of care in the industry. They improve your potential for healing and well-being in all dimensions of life. Acupuncture, Trigger Point Therapy, Chinese Medical Diagnosis, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Supplementation, Hormone Solutions and more may be part of your program to help you reach a state of optimized living.

Program Design

The mission at East West Health is to find and correct the underlying cause of your health conditions. We “test, not guess” with saliva hormonal testing, nutritional and food testing. We then design your program based on these test results and those of your Evoke brain scan, digestive stool analysis and your Chinese Medical Diagnosis. Brain health, hormonal balance, detoxification, gut health, nutrition and fitness are the 5 pillars of health that your program is built around.

The Five Pillars of Health

1. Digestive Health & Detox

Chronic disease and inflammatory processes can be reversed by fixing your bodies bacterial diversity. Research is now pointing towards healthy microbiota for reversal of weight gain, hormonal dysregulation, and fatigue. Our 2 step process looks to first Remove what’s not needed and Replace it with what is. Many of your symptoms will go away after you properly detoxify your body and have healed your digestive system. Our comprehensive stool analysis will allow us to guide you in this process.

2. Nutrition

Each of us are unique individuals and therefore require unique nutrition. With our micro-nutrient and food sensitivity testing we can determine what foods best serve you in your quest for health. Nutritional imbalances are rampant in American society as we are a nation that is over fed and under-nourished. Even though we have followed the food pyramid we are still getting sicker and fatter every year.

3. Hormones

Your body makes hundreds of hormones and in order for it to function properly you’ve got to have them all working together. You’ve got stress hormones from your adrenal glands, metabolism hormones from your thyroid, and sex hormones from the reproductive organs. Each one of these hormones plays a key role in allowing your body to stay healthy. And one of the first hormones that we want to look at is called cortisol. Cortisol is your stress hormone that is produced by your adrenal glands. Most Americans have imbalances in cortisol levels because of the high levels of stress. Cortisol causes your body to put on lower belly fat and it also can be a contributing factor to being overweight.

4. Exercise

“We can’t exercise for you” is the name of our fitness and exercise class. We believe that exercise is medicine and therefore should
be dosed according to your hormone levels and physical abilities. Establishing goals and working towards more physical activity and better exercise is what our program is designed to accomplish. Getting the right exercises will allow you to sleep better, lose belly fat and have greater levels of self confidence.

5. Brain Health

Your brain health is the fifth pillar of health that we find absolutely critical in designing a lifestyle for optimal health. We look at how your brain is functioning from a cognitive perspective and also look at neurotransmitter formation from the bacteria in your digestive tract. We train you on how to keep your brain calm even during times of stress with meditation and Qi gong exercises. We also find it imperative to stay positive and to see the amazing gifts that you have in your life.

Wellness Curriculum

We believe that knowledge is power. The more you know, the better you can be and live. Our fun and informative individual or group classes are on various subjects including adrenal fatigue, gastro-intestinal dysfunction, brain health, meditation and emotional well-being. We also discuss female/male hormone imbalance, metabolism enhancement, and exercise theory.

Lifestyle Upgrades

We help you enhance your health through lifestyle training, functional wellness and natural treatments. Making correct choices for your body is the most essential element in recovering from hormonal dysfunction, toxicity, being overweight, gastrointestinal disorders and a myriad of health problems. Our wellness approach targets your health needs that allow you to perform at an optimal level for life.

Our goal is for you to have your health independence for the rest of your long, happy life.

Stem Cell Therapy

Today we are seeing incredible results with stem cells in treating heart disease, brain disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, burns, macular degeneration, and much more.

*Stem cells are safely being used to regenerate tissue and literally rebuild organs. Individuals who struggle with Diabetes, MS or Parkinson’s disease have found relief through stem cell therapy. We have also seen the reversal of chronic joint inflammation and degradation in arthritis.

The umbilical cord stem cell procedure is simple and takes just 15 minutes. The therapy can be performed right in the East West Health office and provides pain relief without the risks of surgery, general anesthesia, hospital stays or prolonged recovery. There is no recovery required, we do recommend that you don’t put any increase stress or unnecessary pressure on the area of treatment for a few weeks following the procedure.  Most patients experience significant relief within the first month and results continue to improve and regeneration continues over the course of up to 6-9 months.

I have seen many patients that undergo knee replacement surgery that have not ended optimally. I always wish that they had done stem cells first because the recovery time and invasiveness of surgery was so challenging for the patient, the results were not what they had desired and once a joint has been replaced you cannot do stem cells. With stem cells, the recovery is simple. So again, I always wish people would try stem cells before the invasive surgery,” says Wade Oakden, MD.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

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