Dr Brynn Duerden is a board certified Emergency Medicine doctor with 10 years experience working in 4 different states as well as Australia for a year. She received her medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin, did her Emergency Medicine training in Albuquerque New Mexico, worked for 4 years in San Diego and has also worked in Alaska with the Natives and recently moved to Utah. She has a lot of interest in helping the underserved and has done a lot of international work and humanitarian clinics in Nepal, Ghana, The Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru; which she continues to dedicate time to.

Dr. Brynn Duerden is very excited to be working at East West. She loves being able to help with stem cell treatments as this is such an amazing way to truly help people suffering from dozens of ailments. It’s a great way to get people off of long term medications. It will really change the way Western medicine is practiced in the next 20 years. She is very interested in functional/holistic medicine especially after being disenchanted with just sticking bandaids on things in Western medicine but not really preventing or solving the problem.

Brynn enjoys international travel, hiking, skiing, camping, cycling, mountain biking, hot yoga, meditation and spending time with loved ones.


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