Devan is an AANP board certified Family Nurse Practitioner who’s passionate about helping others. Devan completed his undergraduate and graduate work at Westminster College in Salt Lake City UT. While trained in conventional western medicine, Devan became interested in functional/holistic medicine due to being unsatisfied with western medicine terms like “idiopathic,” and being frustrated with patient education seeming to always be an afterthought. In addition to practicing functional/holistic medicine at Anodyne, Devan also works in acute care at Intermountain Medical Center’s Shock Trauma Intensive Care Unit. He has 10 years of acute care experience, and has worked in multiple acute care specialties including Surgical Trauma, Cardiology, Neuro and Respiratory ICU. While he enjoys the pace of acute care and being able to help patients in times of medical emergencies, Devan’s true love is preventing illnesses and helping patients to feel and function their best. He believes that by directly addressing health issues, utilizing natural healing methods, and thoroughly educating his patients, he’s able to help them to regain their health independence and provide an opportunity for them to experience wellness that can last a life time.