One of the major things that all of us are going to have to face at some stage of life is joint pain. Joints are one of the first things in your body to age. As the joints start to age, that is when degeneration takes place. 

So one of the biggest questions is how can we get arthritis out of the joints and regrow cartilage so that people can start moving more effectively. 

One of the ways to help with overall movement is the four freedoms. There are four freedoms that are talked about in the Japanese tradition that can be very beneficial for our health. 

The Four Freedoms

  1. Breathing
  2. Nutrition
  3. Movements
  4. Thinking

The great thing about the four freedoms is that they help is stay balanced. The goal of the four freedoms is to help you have a more balanced life and a healthier life. 

Increase Movement

But, there has to be more to increasing movement. Regenerative medicine is a great resource for helping people restore the movement in their joints and be able to live a life more free of pain. 

Many clients come into East West health and they are suffering from knee pain, shoulder pain, or issues in their hips, back pain, neck pain, and more.

And they want to see changes so they are not suffering from continuous pain. 

Luckily, it has been found that electrical stimulation drives chondral genesis which is means that it increases the cartilage growth.

Simply put, the electrical stimulation will drive cartilage regrowth if you have transplanted Mesenchymal stems there. 

One thing that can diminish your stem growth and effectiveness is being exposed to a lot of electrical magnetic fields.

So that means if you are being exposed to a lot of blue light or if you are constantly around your cell phone, then your stem growth will suffer because of the electrical magnetic fields that are continuously being pushed through your body. 

Another very effective treatment is the shockwave treatment. It uses an electrical current and a laser at the same time. It is a great way to increase your mesenchymal stem transplant proliferation.

Another great way to promote it is acupuncture. You can put electrical stimulation n the acupuncture needles and that will help with the electrical stimulation. You just have to make sure that your body’s electrical systems are all balanced out. 

Another great way to increase the movement in your joints is the optimal movement supplement by Einstein’s Medicine. It has Tumeric, Boswellia and it is great for the anti-inflammatory side of things.

It also provides a lot of great nutrients to the joints.  The supplement has been shown to decrease edema and inflammation. 

Another great way to help your joints and help the stem proliferation is with the Stem Boost supplement from Einstein’s Medicine.

This blend has got the Shataki mushroom blend so it is great for the immune system and it is awesome at helping with stem proliferation. 

It is important to be able to move and move comfortably but there are also aspects of our health that can contribute to that.

The Power of Breathing

Going back to the four freedoms, breath is a powerful resource when it comes to our bodies. It helps our bodies stay calmer and helps us have more control over our bodies.

Breathing can really change how you, your output as far as strength goes, but it also changes your psychology. Even just a little bit of deep breathing can help you feel more grounded.

If you can breathe and have control over your breath, you can manage almost anything that is thrown your way. 

Breathing is a great way to keep your life in balance and nutrition is also a great way to keep it balanced. Eating a balanced diet will help you feel better and perform better in all other aspects of your life. 

Nutrients Are Key

Putting the right food in your body will give you the fuel you need. The very first thing that happens is you chew your food.

There is an enzyme called amylase that starts breaking down the foods. It hits your stomach, and then the stomach is like this cauldron. It’s the oven and that oven heats up the nutrients and it breaks down the proteins.

That way, you can actually start absorbing the proteins and start digesting those. By the time those proteins and carbohydrates hit your small intestine, that is when they start getting absorbed and that is when there is this healthy exchange of nutrients through the small intestine.

And the fats also start getting emulsified in the small intestine because that’s where your gallbladder will secrete a substance called bile. Bile helps emulsify and break down the fats. It’s another enzyme and is one of the most important factors.


Freedom of thought is the last freedom to focus on and help you achieve overall balance in your life. A great morning ritual to help you get your thoughts in order is to set your timer for five minutes.

During those five minutes, you will focus on your breath and on meditation. Then, once those five minutes are up, set your timer for another five minutes and focus on your goals. And then after that, you will visualize what your day is going to look like. 

At East West health, we are here to help you feel your best and improve your overall quality of life.