Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative medicine is a branch of translational research in tissue engineering and molecular biology which deals with the “process of regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function”

What is regenerative therapy?

Medical practitioners often call regenerative medicine a gift of science. So, is the therapy a scientifically proven type of regenerative medicine? Yes, it is! There is a considerable amount of excitement about this therapy. Stem therapy has the potential to revolutionize the concept of healthcare. Medical practitioners are capable of doing numerous things through regenerative medicine. Diseases such as strokes and diabetes will soon be treated by the therapy. Other areas where the therapy has worked wonders include bone and blood cancer treatment and injuries to the joint.

The next product that is making headway into the healthcare industry is for burn and wound healing. Doctors are also planning on injecting stem therapy into the brains of patients with cerebral palsy to help enhance the function as well as restore the brain tissue. Another major field medical practitioners are using stem therapy is by combining 3D bioprinting with restorative medicine.

What conditions can be treated?

Our neurological programs are designed to find the causes of the damage such as chronic inflammation, infection, toxic build-up, and poor circulation causing poor function in the neurological system. These programs have the potential to restore function to injured or diseased tissue and also create neurogenesis or growth of new nerves.

We have much success in treating chronic infections like Lyme disease, CIRS, Mold Illness, Chronic Viral infections, Autoimmune conditions, and chronic inflammation. Other practices have failed, but this is where Advanced Rejuvenation shines. These programs have the potential to treat the problem at its core.

Using regenerative injection treatments such as Exosomes and Stem restorative Cells we are able to fix the root cause of many orthopedic problems. Whether it’s to repair damage to the cartilage or tightening or healing damaged muscles and tendons we are at the forefront of the most current methods in non-surgical orthopedic regenerative therapy.

How does it work?

Regenerative medicine has been acknowledged in medical history across the world as a big discovery in natural healing. The stem restore cells are first injected into the patient’s injured area. They then metamorphose into different cells, which often depends upon the instructions provided by the human body.

This allows the stem restore cells to become tissue cells, bone cells, or other kinds that are needed in that area. This ability to become whatever cells are necessary for the affected area is what medical practitioners believe is so unique about stem restore cell growth. A huge number of cells injected into the patient’s body will help in healing the injuries at an accelerated pace. The best results for regenerative medicine are seen in neuropathy, knee pain, and osteoarthritis. 

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