Recently Genius Recovery talked with two medical professionals to learn more about their exciting progress in the field of addiction recovery. Here’s our overview of their article featuring our own Regan from East West Health.

Addiction and addiction treatment are evolving subjects. No one’s addiction is the same, and therefore treatment must be unique to each person.

In the United States alone, 15.1 million adults and more than 620,000 adolescents suffer from Alcohol Use Disorder, according to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

The CDC reports that an estimated 88,000 people die every year from alcohol-related causes. In addition to that, more than 72,000 people die every year from drug overdoses. That equates to over 400 individuals per day dying due to drug and alcohol.

Treatment facilities and 12-step programs can be lifesaving, but complementary treatments can speed up and improve healing.

Acupuncture and Stem Cell Treatments for Addiction Treatment

Our own Regan Archibald, LAc, FMP, is an acupuncturist and an expert in the field of regenerative stem cell therapy. Regan and our team at East West Health focus on restoring harmony to the body and helping patients heal themselves. Regan refers to himself and his colleagues as “firefighters who are putting out the flames in the brain.”

One of the main issues with those struggling with addiction is the erratic supply of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, a chemical that transmits signals between the neurons. Regan explains, “Addictive behaviors send false signals to the neurons. For example, a cocaine user is going to have a massive rush of dopamine after the use of cocaine. Or a sugar addict will have a massive rush of dopamine right after they eat sugar. This overburdens the neurons, and the surrounding microglial cells can’t clean up the mess fast enough. The dopamine supply gets completely depleted, and to get the supply back up, addicts go back to whatever created that rush in the first place.”

Here at East West Health we’re seeing amazing results. Regan goes on to explain, “Through acupuncture and stem cell treatments, we’ve been able to calm down the inflammatory patterns that exist in virtually every addict’s brain, and we can sever some of the physiological triggers that result in addictive behavior.”

It was when Regan was treating a patient with liver failure he realized the benefits of stem cell therapy for addiction. The patient returned three months after the stem cell treatment and said his desire for alcohol was gone for the first time since he began drinking. After looking further into the research, Regan discovered that there is still much work that needs to be done in the field of stem cell therapy and addiction recovery. Since that fateful day, he has treated about 25 patients and has seen “massive breakthroughs.”

The stem cell procedure at East West Health is easy to administer, and it is always followed up with acupuncture treatment. This helps provide better blood to the stem cells, and promotes much better communication in the nervous system.

Of course, here at East West Health, we want evidence to back everything up. So Regan has started working with a stem cell company to create a formal study that will track the process and its results.

East West Health isn’t stopping there, we’re also collaborating with a local rehab center, so that they provide the option of these services to their patients. Once the inflammation goes away, Regan suggests the severe neurotransmitter imbalances does as well, and from there the real healing can begin on the emotional level.

Putting out the fires in the brain is not the end of recovery, but just the beginning.