There has been a lot of evolution over the last few years with stem cell therapy. Regan sat down with Utah Cord Bank’s Eliott Spencer and Go Wellness’ Dan Kellams to talk about the evolution of stem cell therapy.

Five years ago, Eliott Spencer and his team met with a 55 year old man, who was relying on a scooter and foam boot due to severe foot problems. In fact, his doctors wanted to amputate his foot because of his diabetic/ulcer complications.

Luckily for this gentleman, his wife was expecting a new baby. He was interested in saving the stem cells from his child and seeing what could be done to save his foot. So Eliott’s team harvested the child’s umbilical tissue and a few months later, the man found a doctor that would inject the stem cells into his foot. 

Three months later, Eliott and his wife ran into the new father, pushing his baby around in a stroller at the aquarium, with no foam boot, no scooter, just matching shoes.

This was ground zero for the procedure. Now, five years later, Eliott and his team work with clinics that provide data back to them, and are able to do more research and learn where they are succeeding and where they can improve, so they can help as many people as possible.

Dan Kellam believes education is incredibly important in this field. Educating people on the viability, and helping them understand all the other molecules that are present in the tissue so they have a full understanding of what the procedure is. Making sure the information is available to the public, so they can understand what regenerative stem cell therapy really means.

Eliott agrees, and also acknowledges that we are still learning about this area and the possibilities. It’s important to be humble, and err on the side of caution, and remain careful and respectful of what it is that we are handling.

Watch the full webinar below to learn more.

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