What if there was a way to be unreasonably healthy in every decade of your life?

We know there is a way!

For over two decades, we have been improving the health and lives of 70k+ patients with our Holistic Peptide, Regenerative Therapies, Functional Medicine & Acupuncture Treatments.

Act Now! Life can change in an instant, don’t let disease sneak up on you.

The Problem

Our healthcare system lacks the strategies to help you feel, look & perform your best at any age. It focuses solely on disease management ignoring health.

What we believe
No Death By Neglect
When Health Improves, Everything Improves
Your Next Decade, Your Best Decade
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Trusted By Thousands Of Patients

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For those in the Relentless Pursuit of Longevity

Enjoy unrivaled health resiliency, pursue your biggest dreams, and discover your path to timeless living.

Our mission at EastWest Health is to provide you with unreasonable health at any age.

EastWest Health Retreats


Through our retreats, we are positively impacting the lives of our patients like never before

What’s in store for you at our Longevity Retreats?
  • World-Class Health Education from the EastWest Health Team
  • Diagnostic Blood Labs with 1-on-1 review
  • Peptide Party
  • Vitamin IVs for Energy and Immunity
  • Acupuncture and Personalized Treatment
  • Personalized Fitness and Movement Sessions
  • Insightful Coaching Sessions
  • Rejuvenation Sessions
  • Fitness 50 at Age 100 Zone

My name is Regan Archibald, founder of EastWest Health, where we specialize in Holistic Peptides, Regenerative Therapies, Functional Medicine and Acupuncture Treatments so that you feel and look your best no matter your age. We host Longevity Retreats because we believe that it’s the best way for you to get a jumpstart on your life and health goals.

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What Retreat Attendees Are Saying!

“Your entire staff is amazing. It’s like getting medical assistance surrounded by friends” What was your favorite part? “The therapy and the laid back, very comfortable environment.”

A. T.

“I am even more committed to following the diet and exercise. And I enjoyed the counsel on the pillars and life planning items because I haven’t done them yet. The info today really motivated me.” What was your favorite part? “I enjoyed the instruction from the coaches, as well as discussing things as a group at our table”

R. G.

“The retreat was the perfect balance of services delivered like regenerative therapies, acupuncture, and biohacking with the right amount of group discussion and educational curriculum.”

J. F.

EastWest Health - Longevity Blood Test

Start your longevity journey with our Comprehensive Blood Lab

The labs will cover a full spectrum of health-maximizing markers, hormones, and inflammatory markers along with a report that will point out your specific health priorities. Our blood labs are set to report your optimal health levels and which areas are or have moved into a health-damaging level of concern.


  • Comprehensive Blood Chemistry
  • Functional Lab Review
  • Customized Longevity Health Plan
  • Customized Peptide Protocol

How do we achieve repeatedly great results with thousands of patients?

Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy

Peptides are critical to facilitating body responses and actions, and they can be beneficial for treatments.


Cellular Regeneration

EastWest’s purpose is to educate our community on the benefits of cell therapy for arthritic joints, chronic injuries, autoimmunity, and chronic pain conditions. 

Accelerate Wellness

Accelerate Wellness

The methods used in treating patients that contain naturally developing anti-inflammatory agents that actually stimulates tissue repair.

Regan and Cade Archibald

Join Cade & Regan Archibald

On EastWest’s Weekly Health call to learn about the latest treatments to enjoy your best health in every decade of your life!

“I believe millions of people are suffering needlessly and can access the treatments to substantially improve their quality of life”

Meet our founder

Regan Archibald, Lac, FMP, is one of the leading Peptide, Functional Medicine, and Longevity Specialists in the nation. His award-winning center, EastWest Health (acueastwest.com) has performed 8,789 labs and counting. These comprehensive blood labs include 94 important markers that allow Regan and his team to understand the root cause of health issues. 

Regan is an international speaker and is the author of 9 books including The Peptide Blueprint and Ageless Future. His podcast, Unreasonable Health has featured thought leaders from many industries. When not traveling, Regan can often be found deep in the Utah mountains with his wife Jessica or his kids, Zoe, Dominic and Jonah.

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Regan Archibald
The Peptide Blueprint - Regan Archibald

The Peptide Blueprint

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Optimal Health at Any Age!

Regan Archibald will help you get to your optimal health in his new book, The Peptide Blueprint. Through his unique approach to health, performance and wellbeing, you will discover how you were created to live a long, vibrant life, one free of pain, discomfort, and disease… and Regan will help you get there. His unique approach that fuses the best of Eastern and Western medicine can finally allow you to take charge of your health.

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Regan - Unreasonable Health Podcast

Meet the EastWest Health Team

Start your longevity journey with our Comprehensive Blood Lab