Regan Archibald
“I’ve found that health can be uncovered when the correct plan of action is formulated through the right diagnostic testing.”

– Regan Archibald, Founder EastWest Health

EastWest Health Longevity Blood Test

Remove Health Threats Uncover Your Vitality Live Your Fullest Life Now

How many times have you had your bloodwork ran only to have your doctor tell you, “Everything looks normal”, even when you know something isn’t right?

The problem is that most blood tests are inadequate because the right markers aren’t ordered. And even if they are the correct markers, there’s still not a plan to treat the cause. 

What if there was a scientific way to get answers to what your labs really mean?

"My Energy Has Doubled!"

“After I had my longevity bloodwork reviewed, I got answers I’ve been searching for for over a decade. The EastWest Health team put a plan together for me and I’m beyond thrilled to have an objective way to approach my health-not just another pill! I’ve learned how to exercise in ways that I never thought I could. I’m breathing through my belly, which I’ve never been able to do.

I had a virus 10 days ago, but I noticed I got through it faster than I ever remember getting through a cold. They used to set me back for about a month. I’ve increased my protein consumption. Now I’m eating an enormous amount, but I feel incredibly energized by it. My focus on hydration and fiber has also been a game changer.

I’m sleeping better, and my energy has improved at least double. I’ve also noticed that my accountability to myself is so much more powerful, to the point I do not need that evening drink. I’ve made phenomenal improvements in the choices I’m making, in my stress levels, and in my ability to be a great mother and grandmother.”

–Christine, M. 67-year-old

“I broke old habits that were holding me back…”
Working with Andie (and everyone at EastWest), I learned new things and broke through old thinking habits that were holding me back. You won’t get some homogenized program here, but rather a personalized approach that is specific to your individual health needs. Your health starts and ends with you, but we all need a little help and a compassionate ear.

-Joey, 41-year-old male

“Going beyond the limitations of traditional blood tests”

We’ve noticed that most of the time, doctors run very limited blood panels which also limits your ability to find underlying causes of your symptoms. But because our healthcare system is designed to use drugs to treat symptoms, there’s not much of a need to understand the cause.

The other issue with conventional lab values is the fact that they are far too broad and fail to report sub-optimal ranges. In other words, by the time your labs show anything outside of normal limits….it’s too late.

Once you have your labs reviewed at EastWest Health, you will quickly see where your health threats are and understand the cause in ways that haven’t previously been available.

In analyzing over 5600 of these comprehensive lab reports, we’ve found that rather than focusing on diagnosing disease, we can help you move towards your health goals in a much easier way by:

  • Removing interferences — anything that’s getting in the way of optimal health
  • Removing inflammation — an immune response from exposure to oxidative stress
  • Removing toxins — getting rid of chemicals that are bad for your health
  • Building up deficiencies — identifying and addressing shortages of substances needed by your body to operate optimally

Our process, not found anywhere else



Pinpoint barriers to healing and interferences, and finding opportunities for improvements



Detox pathways and prioritize ideal nutrition, fitness, brain performance, and gut health



Create healthy lifestyle and habits, offer accountability, and monitor progress


“What we look for and how it protects you”

Your Longevity Blood Test looks at your carbohydrates, fat and protein levels, as well as hydration. We also look at minerals and vitamin levels. Your lab results allow us to engineer a complete lifestyle protocol that enhances the healing process.

We also order labs to understand your digestive functions, so we can see if you’ve got intestinal permeability, and we look at nutritional deficiencies. That includes your DHEA levels, hormones, kidney filtration systems, lymphatic health, liver, intestines…

We will look at a marker called homocysteine to see how well you methylate and detoxify in your liver. It also shows if you have a leaky blood-brain barrier, which can be deadly because it leads to chronic inflammation and accelerates the amyloid plaque buildup in the brain. That can lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Mitigation of pain and discomfort

Weight loss

Improved digestion

Customized nutrition

Increased mobility and flexibility

Greater confidence

Better sleep

Renewed energy

Clarity around hormone health

Accelerate healing processes

Boost hormone levels

Build muscle mass

Decrease joint and muscle pain

Enhance cognitive function and memory

Increase levels of energy, stamina, and strength

Improve sleep quality

Lower blood pressure

Promote healthy immune function

Reduce signs of aging

Stimulate hair growth

Help reverse symptoms of sexual dysfunction

Regan Archibald

“We have a mantra at EastWest Health that anything worth doing is worth doing well.”

Our goal is to make your next decade your best, healthiest decade. In order to do that, we want to develop lifelong relationships with our patients. We believe in creating an experience that you want to keep coming back to.

That’s why the very first criterion for joining the Accelerate Wellness program is that we’re looking for people who want to have a lasting relationship with us.

If people are just looking for a quick fix or a transactional experience, we may not be the right place. We are in it for the long term, and hope you are, too!

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