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About East West Health

Our Mission: To transform health in all decades of life by fixing things for good.We deliver world-class healthcare that extends the lifespan and healthspan with peptides, functional and regenerative medicine.

Our Core Values: “Curiosity, Innovation, Transformation, Integrity, and Collaboration.”

We pledge to deliver impeccable care that inspires patient transformations and lifetime relationships where they always enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet intentional experience. We take the time to analyze patient lab values so that we can optimize and transform. The East West experience fosters collaborative medicine, instills well-being in every service line of clinical practice, and uses timeless principles of service while delivering the most cutting -edge medicine.

Our Growth Model: We are in the 5-star service, education, and event business, with a specialty in healthcare. When patients join us on Zoom, come into the clinic in-person, or attend one of our community events, our intention is to inspire them to increase their health. Our business model makes it easier than ever to appreciate the progress that got them to now and the confidence to ascend to the next level. We appreciate that the care we offer today will never be as good as tomorrow. We improve by adopting health innovations that yield the highest level of results while eliminating the ones that don’t.

Our Passion for Peptides: We are world leaders in peptide therapy. With over 5400 successful peptide prescriptions administered, we’ve enjoyed over a 95% success rate in improving health, a 82% improvement in sleep, and a 200% improvement in energy. People who work with us enjoy the benefits of feeling, looking, and performing their best with specialized peptides that are delivered directly to their houses.

Our guarantee is that we deliver peptide protocols that work. If you don’t love your peptide, we will replace it with a new one at no cost to you. If weight loss is your goal, we guarantee 10 pounds or more in 180 days or we will work for free until the weight is gone. If you don’t have at least a 50% decrease in pain or a 50% improvement in joint function within6 months of your regenerative medicine treatments, we will repeat the treatment at no cost to you, as long as you followed through on the entire treatment plan.

Each program is designed to increase your enjoyment in relationships, fitness, cognitive abilities, and performance. We help our members feel, look, and perform their best. We do this by; Being inspirational in our relationships and community events. Prioritizing world-class regenerative, functional, and peptide therapy. Allowing Exclusive Access

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Salt Lake City Headquarters

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"They are super helpful getting me back on track with my thyroid (graves) issue! They helped me before and I got lazy with my eating and stress management. Now I’m getting back on track and am feeling much better again! Love these guys they really know what they are doing! It's an amazing clinic!"

Jana B.

"I am so glad I found East West. I have gained quite a bit of relief from my injections and the acupuncture is superb. I like their supplements and their knowledge and ability to help me problem solve my gut, hormone and inflammation issues. The staff are so personable and friendly and really care! It’s a wonderful clinic!"

Jan C.

"I came to the clinic to address the osteoarthritis of my hip. I could not be more pleased with the care I had. My treatment included various approaches. This integrated approach to health treatment blends the best of traditional western medicine with proven eastern practices. I highly recommend East West!"

Gail R.