About EastWest Health

Regan and Cade Archibald

What we believe

No Death By Neglect
When Health Improves, Everything Improves
Your Next Decade, Your Best Decade

Our Mission

Our mission at EastWest Health is to transform your life by providing the right tests, delivering innovative-natural treatments, and working as an integrated health care team with our patients.

We effectively treat and reverse both chronic and acute conditions through enhancing hormones, nutrition, gut health, joint mobility, and brain performance without drugs or surgery.

Our Values

There are 12 core values and mindsets that makeup EastWest Health’s Start To Finish process.

Our culture does best when we fill it with love, integrity, respect, growth, achievement, learning, and teamwork. Everything we do flows back to these values, to expand the success of those we serve.

Regan Archibald

What Drives Us

  • We prioritize proper testing to avoid reliance on guesswork.
  • Guessing games lose their charm when hormone levels decline
  • Our philosophy involves providing a step-by-step plan for achieving health independence
  • Making chronic disease and pain optional with natural solutions like Stem Restore therapy, functional medicine, and acupuncture
  • Health starts with personal commitment and perseverance
  • We believe in seeking innovative solutions that empower our patients to take charge of their health
  • Our approach focuses on addressing the root cause rather than just managing symptoms
  • Waiting and observing rarely lead to effective problem-solving
  • Health can’t wait until tomorrow
Doctor & Patient Approved

Trusted By Thousands Of Patients

“Amazing Knowledge about healing the body through its natural process using natural herbs coupled with acupuncture. Medicine without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Not a quick fix but a healthy way to live. They are helping me to find a sustainable healthy diet. They are teaching me how to take care of my body properly so that the affects getting older will not be so debilitating. Reagan is awesome, as well as the rest of the staff.”

Shawn A.

“The people at EastWest Health are like family. They are very committed to our comfort and wellbeing. They are very open minded. They engage from the heart. Very excited about any progress, and yet very professional. The atmosphere is calming and soothing. Very conducive to healing. We recommend EastWest Health to all our friends who ask us why we look so radiantly healthy.”

Linda K.

“My brief time with EastWest Health has been a wonderful journey so far. The staff is absolutely wonderful, friendly, and knowledgeable, and everyone truly cares about your well-being and progress. They are available at a moment’s notice and have addressed all my questions and concerns promptly. It has been a pleasure so far working with them and my body is appreciating all the goodness as well. Thank you EastWest Health for helping me on my wellness journey.”


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