Reset, Recharge & Restore Wellness

Restore health by addressing the root cause of disease. Accelerate Wellness with our 3-step process.

1.  Reset
2. Recharge
3. Restore

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What conditions can be treated?

Our program can treat a variety of conditions, among them are:

  • Autoimmune Conditions (Hashimoto’s, Celiac, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s)
  • Digestive Disorders (bloating, constipation, abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea, dysbiosis)
  • Thyroid Dysfunction
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Mood Disorders (anxiety and depression)
  • Difficulty Losing Weight
  • Back and Joint Pain

How does it work?

The Accelerate Wellness program is a systematic way of helping you achieve your biggest health goals. Our experts in health and fitness have done the heavy lifting for you, designing an effective, simple program that will deliver results. In just seven months — three phases of 60 days each, plus a month for fine-tuning and adjustments — you’ll see huge results in your energy level, body composition, bloodwork, and more. We’re able to do this because we are great believers in essentialism: we’re committed to focusing on what matters most to achieve the goals you want. 

The Accelerate Wellness program is organized around:

  • Removing interferences — anything that’s getting in the way of optimal health 

  • Removing inflammation — an immune response from exposure to oxidative stress

  • Removing toxins — getting rid of chemicals that are bad for your health

  • Building up deficiencies — identifying and addressing shortage of needed  substances needed by your body to operate optimally

During the entire seven months, we work with you to mentor and support you, and perform three core activities:

ANALYZE: Pinpointing barriers to healing and interferences, and finding opportunities for improvements. 

OPTIMIZE: Detoxing pathways and prioritizing ideal nutrition, fitness, brain performance, and gut health.

TRANSFORM: Creating healthy lifestyle and habits, offering accountability, and monitoring progress. 

If you’re looking to change your life through better health — and you want to see and feel results fast — our Accelerate Wellness program is for you. To date, over 5000 people have successfully experienced the incredible transformation to optimal wellness, using the Reset • Recharge • Restore approach to health over the last decade. Here’s what it looks like: 

Phase 1: Reset

The first phase is called Reset because our goal is to return your body to its natural state. We look at multiple parameters of your health and reset the mind and body so that you can start maximizing your overall health as it detoxifies and heals. The focus in this 60-day phase is on HPA, detoxification, and energy. 

Phase 2: Recharge

Your next phase is Recharge. We’re going to focus on DNA, gut health, and mitochondria to ensure that you’re able to regain the physical stamina that you need to stay energized all day. In order to recharge the body, correcting the bacteria balance in the gut is key. Additionally, the Recharge phase is when you’ll notice the biggest change in digestion. We often hear that chronic bloating, indigestion, and gas completely disappear. This is the phase when most people notice their clothes fitting differently because of the change in their body composition.

Phase 3: Restore

The final phase of the Accelerate Wellness program is Restore, where you’ll focus on metabolic flexibility and age reversal, so you can cement your progress for continuing health in the years to come. 

Accelerate Wellness Health Advisors

At East West Health, our amazing Health Advisors, Andie Bryce, Anne Markt, and Jeni Eyre are the change agents who get you where you want to go in your health pursuits. It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that you don’t need help in making changes. I think we’ve all had the experience of another year passing by and those extra 15 pounds aren’t off, (or whatever your health goal is), and realize we’ve got to do things differently.

At the core of the East West Health philosophy is “No Death by Neglect” and to us it means getting the right amount of testing ordered for you, at the right time, and then once the medical team reviews your labs then a plan of action gets put in place. Your Health Advisor will help you execute on the plan. Think of them as your COO on the health team. They also work directly with your Longevity Fitness Advisor and help you navigate your fitness goals.

Jocko Wilink has said, “the pathway to freedom is through discipline,” but as Dan Sullivan has stated, “We are all 100% disciplined to our current set of habits,” change puts us in a state of tension, and this is why I think that having a mentor who can give you proper guidance is where you fix things for good.

Benefits of working with Health Advisors at East West:

•Perform your initial orientation into the program and schedule out your Reset, Recharge, and Restore curriculum in the Accelerate Wellness program.

• Develop comprehensive wellness plans tailored to your unique needs, priorities, and health goals. Health Advisors incorporate strategies across fitness, emotional well-being, nutrition, stress transformation, sleep, and lifestyle.

•Provide you with ongoing coaching and accountability to help you implement the action items that the medical team put together for you based on your labs.

•In your Health Advisor sessions you will report progress and then adjustments can be made to your plan as needed to optimize results. Health Advisors keep up with the latest health research and work with the medical team to provide evidence-based recommendations.

•Your Health Advisor will provide you with strategies to boost longevity, enhance vitality, and cultivate optimal health. This education helps create awareness and inspire purposeful lifestyle changes.

•You will learn self-care techniques like mindfulness exercises, breathwork, and natural therapeutics. These techniques help reduce health-damaging stress and improve wellness.

•Health Advisors help you stay up-to-date with innovations at East West Health, including new lab tests, nutrition programs, fitness plans, and advanced health solutions.

•Health Advisors share insights and make recommendations to enhance and supplement medical treatment plans.

•They serve as a trusted advocate to help you navigate healthcare options and make informed decisions. Health Advisors provide guidance based on client priorities, values, and goals.

The East West Health Advisors give you highly personalized support, advice and accountability on your journey to optimal lifelong wellness. Their role is key to the success of the Accelerate Wellness and Longevity Optimization programs.

Our Health Advisors

Andie Bryce

Andie Bryce

Health Advisor/Certified Health Coach

Jeni Eyre

Jeni Eyre

Health Advisor/Certified Health Coach

Anne Markt

Anne Markt

Program/Health Advisor

Our Fitness Advisors

Trysten Slagowski, PPSC

Trysten Slagowski, PPSC

Fitness Advisor/Certified Personal Trainer PPSC

Nicole Bott

Nicole Bott

Fitness Advisor

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"They are super helpful getting me back on track with my thyroid (graves) issue! They helped me before and I got lazy with my eating and stress management. Now I’m getting back on track and am feeling much better again! Love these guys they really know what they are doing! It's an amazing clinic!"

Jana B.

"I am so glad I found East West. I have gained quite a bit of relief from my injections and the acupuncture is superb. I like their supplements and their knowledge and ability to help me problem solve my gut, hormone and inflammation issues. The staff are so personable and friendly and really care! It’s a wonderful clinic!"

Jan C.

"I came to the clinic to address the osteoarthritis of my hip. I could not be more pleased with the care I had. My treatment included various approaches. This integrated approach to health treatment blends the best of traditional western medicine with proven eastern practices. I highly recommend East West!"

Gail R.