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We are so excited to have you join our Health Challenges!

You now have the opportunity to transform your health in this amazing program.

Experience results like these patients:
“I lost 10 pounds of fat!”
“I gained 15 pounds of healthy muscle!”

Take any goal you have and these habits will help you with increased energy, focus, libido, fitness, weight loss, muscle gain, and overall well-being.

This program has so much to offer and is available to you for an unbelievably low price of just $47 a month! Or you can purchase in full for $500 and save $64!

We can’t wait to see your results!

Here are the HACs you get!

HACS 100 Day Fat Burn Course

HACS 30 Day Pain Relief Course

HACS 30 Day Cardiovascular Health Course

cardiovascular HAC
starting and creating healthy habits with east west health acupuncutre and functional medicine

HACS 21 Day Energy Accelerator Course

HACS 30 Day Thyroid, Hormone, Immune Accelerator Course


What are the Health Accelerator Courses (HACS)?

The Health Accelerator Courses were created by Regan Archibald to support clients and patients with an online coaching experience.  So you can do this from anywhere in the world!  


Here’s how it works – our experts teach 1 new Healthy Habit every Wednesday, 4:30pm MST on a live Zoom Meeting!  We then provide your 1 new “Habit Challenge” to implement the following 7 days.  


You are also kept accountable daily in a text app called Signal, where we have a private HAC Challenge channel.  


We have themes for each course – as a HAC member you are given access to all of these courses:

  • 100-Day Fat Burn 
  • 30-Day Thyroid/Hormone/Immune Makeover
  • 30-Day Pain Relief
  • 21 Day Energy Reset
  • And more


You are only to focus on 1 HAC above, finish it, and then move onto the rest.  Please don’t try and “get ahead” and overwhelm yourself.  We structured it this way for a reason to make it so easy and practical you can’t help but do it!!

I don't think I have time for this...

The truth is you DO have time.  And we’ve made this incredibly simple so that the focus is on getting 1% better per day, every day, so that you are 365% better by the end of the year!  The second truth is that time is ticking, and the longer you wait the further you will be from achieving your health goals.  We don’t want that for you.  Your health impacts everything in your life- do not wait until you are experiencing progressive disease.  You have the power to transform your health, and we’re here to help you do it.

But what if I can’t make the live calls on Wednesdays?

That’s okay! You’re encouraged to attend as many as you can to ask questions LIVE, but ALL the lectures are recorded and added to your online education portal.

What is my Online Education Portal?

It’s hosted on a system called Kajabi!  You log in and have all-access, 24/7, to all your Masterclasses and HAC recordings in one place.  Each week, that lecture is uploaded to the HAC Theme that it’s focused on – I.e. Thyroid/Hormone/Immune lectures are posted in the Thyroid/Hormone/Immune HAC on Kajabi.


Here’s where you will always log in and you can bookmark that page on your web browser and click “remember me” so you always know where to go!


Your Healthy Self: https://yourhealthyself.mykajabi.com/login

Okay - but I’m not Tech savvy and there are so many systems! Is it hard?

No – we promise you once you are on Signal chat, you know where to log into Kajabi for recordings, and you have your Zoom link saved, it is a BREEZE!  Those are the 3 main systems you will use and they are very user friendly.  Anne, our Project Manager, even created quick video tutorials to show you how to get that set up!  Need further help? You can email her at [email protected].  You are also encouraged to ask a friend or family member to just help you with initial set-up and bookmarking your pages so you know where everything is on your computer or phone!

What if I’m already a patient of EWH - how is this different?

Great question – all patients of EWH in programs are given access to this for greater accountability and ongoing learning.  That being said – we recommend you focus first and foremost on the program your practitioner and coach have laid out for you at your East West Andodyne Clinic.  That’s been custom created to suite your unique needs based on your labs!

Check out what our patients are saying!

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I signed up with East West Health nearly 1 1/2 years ago.  It has been a life-changing journey. The extensive testing identified several issues that my regular doctor had not discovered. I had access to a team of practitioners that worked together and put me on a regimen that set me on the road to healing.  Besides evaluations, acupuncture, health coaching, physical therapy, supplements, they provided the weekly Health Accelerator Course (100 day challenge) and Regan’s Thursday morning podcast, and monthly cooking and exercise classes, etc. I have become very educated, and have set weekly goals that challenge me and help me grow.  I have seen amazing progress emotionally, physically, and mentally.  I am now on a maintenance program, but we recently identified two new areas to focus on.  I am excited about future progress.  I am very appreciative of Reagan and all of the staff, that are so knowledgeable and have shown so much concern and willingness to teach me and help me with whatever I need.  My health was headed in a downward spiral, but now I feel like it is spiraling upward.  (My husband was so impressed with my progress, that he signed up as well!)  I am no longer discouraged about my health and have a positive outlook for the future.  If you are serious about improving your health, I highly recommend East West Health.

Sue Crosby