Is depression a concern of yours? According to the World Health Organization 300 million people around the world have depression. So don’t feel alone!  But do all of these people really have a true diagnosis of clinical depression or are they feeling down and overwhelmed?

Over the last twenty years the U.S. has seen a 400 percent increase in antidepressant use. Either more and more people are becoming clinically depressed or there is an issue with misdiagnosis and over prescribing as well as a lack of personal tools to deal with life ever changing landscape. If your body is not feeling good due to inflammation, and your cells are distracted with toxic burden from the environment then your mood is going to be effected too. This can often be confused as depression. 

We have found that acupuncture, diet modification, and lifestyle training are amazing tools that can help reduce the amount of medications needed by those with clinical depression. For those that have a depressive attitude do to being overwhelmed with life, these tools will prove to be invaluable.  Acupuncture works to activate the bodies resting and recovering mechanism while inhibiting the fight or flight aspect of the nervous system. 

Depression in Utah

According to the Public Health Indicator Based Information System (IBIS), in 2017, adult women (29.0%) had significantly higher rates of doctor-diagnosed depression than men (16.1%). Utah also has consistently higher rates of self-reported lifetime depression than the U.S. rate (22.5% vs 19.3% in 2017).

According to IBIS, “Utah adults who reported chronic illnesses and/or poor health status in general, were also more likely to have reported having ever been told they had a depressive disorder. It is known that behavioral health problems often co-occur with chronic diseases and may exacerbate poor health outcomes.”

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By: Justus Verre Lac, Dipl OM