IV Vitamin Therapy:

IV Vitamin Therapy is an intravenous vitamin therapy. This therapy is rapidly gaining popularity among celebrities and others as well. In this therapy, minerals and vitamins are directly injected into the bloodstream. Clinics advise this alternative therapy to treat a broad range of conditions including macular degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, depression, hepatitis, diabetes, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, hypertension and cancer. Some clinics claim the vitamin injection can help with stress and sleep problems, vitalize the immune system and enhance the energy levels.

Types of IV Vitamin therapy:

Many clinics offer various types of IV Vitamin therapy. Treatments are customized according to particular minerals and vitamin deficiencies of the patient.

Most popular types are:

Super immune therapy: It is recommended for infection. It includes the highest dose of Vitamin C and other nutrients that boost the immune system. It takes around 3-4 hours.

Executive stress IV therapy: It contains the nutrients which are exhausted by stress. After few days you will feel more energized and improved mental clarity. It takes around 2 hours.

Myers cocktail: This therapy is a cocktail of different nutrients including vitamin C, B complex, B6, B12, calcium and magnesium. It takes around 30 minutes. It has been used safely for decades.

The procedure of IV Vitamin Therapy

After the initial consultation the doctor determines your body needs. Then the required vitamins and minerals are introduced intravenously by the medical professional. Treatment may take 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on required nutrients. Usually, the treatment involves minimal discomfort and the patient can resume daily activities immediately after the treatment.

How IV Vitamin Therapy works

Vitamin and minerals are essential for the right functioning of body cells. When vitamins and minerals are directly inserted into the bloodstream the nutrients can provide a quick therapeutic response by fixing the actual deficiencies in the body. When body cells function properly and energy levels of the body are high, the person is more likely to bounce back from acute chronic conditions like asthma, depression, fatigue and more. In this therapy vitamins and minerals are brought directly within veins which means there is the complete assimilation of these elements. This therapy is usually very fast because of direct delivery of vitamins and minerals in the circulatory system of the body. It boosts the energy levels of the body which automatically enhance well being.

Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy:

  • Immune support
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Eliminates risk of high blood pressure and heart disease
  • Relieves chronic fatigue, Stress, anxiety
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Acute injury or strain
  • Avoids Herpes outbreaks
  • Chronic sinusitis, bacterial and viral infections
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Reduces hormone imbalance

Side effects of IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin therapy is a safe and effective method to deliver a healthy dose of natural minerals and vitamins directly into the circulatory system. Side effects are mostly rare and include headaches and fever. Some patients may have mild burning sensation at the treated site initially.