Recently, Cade sat down with the hosts of the Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life podcast to dive more into East West Health and how they merge the Western world of medicine with the Eastern world.

At East West, we have cutting edge treatments.

We work with stem cells, different exosome products, different regenerative medicine, acupuncture, chiropractics, and basic herbs.

All of these treatments are designed to help get people back to their best health.


Acupuncture is one of the oldest standing medicine practices that are still in use today.

The purpose of acupuncture is to increase the blood circulation to different areas in your body.

With acupuncture, you stimulate certain areas of the body which increases blood flow to these regions.

This increases healing abilities.

Acupuncture can sometimes seem like a concept with a lot of variables to understand, but the overall purpose of it is to increase the blood circulation to different parts of the body–specifically areas that are troubling or painful.

Stem Cell Therapy

The most common use of stem cell therapy at the moment is with musculoskeletal problems, or in other words, joint issues.

When we are born, about one in a thousand cells is a stem cell. But by the time we are eighty years old, one in two million cells is a stem cell.

Think about a toddler who falls down the stairs.

She pulls herself up and begins playing after.

But if an eighty-year-old fell down the stairs, it would take much longer for them to recover from this fall.

This is attributed to the number of stem cells in their body. Stem cells help heal.

Discoveries are being made to increase the release rates of the stem cells and increase your body’s own ability to have stem cells.

No matter how clean we eat or how well we take care of our bodies, there are still other factors that can have an effect on stem cell growth.

Pollution has an effect as well as the fertilizers around us.

Luckily, there have been recent discoveries on how to increase your stem cell production.

There are three different ways for you to derive stem cells. You can get stem cells from yourself. You can get it from bone marrow, fat tissue, or prenatal tissue. Keeping yourself healthy will help you be able to harvest those stem cells.

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