Health is something that becomes a lifestyle. Each day, the time, energy and money that you invest into your health has an impact on your current health and on your future health.

But how do you reach the level of health that you are reaching for?

How do you find that sweet spot with your healthy self?

What if by tweaking a few of your habits, you could reach your healthy self?

Regan Archibald has answers for you. He wants you to expand the way you look at your health and your life.

Achieve Your Healthy Self With Regan’s New Book

In Regan’s new book, “Your Healthy Self: Optimizing Health, Brain Cells to Stem Cells,” he gives the information we all need to help us achieve our own healthy selves.

“Your Healthy Self” will take you on a journey where you will be able to see that health and healing is a transformative process that can be multiplied every single day.

In this book, Regan dives deeper into different habits you can implement into your life that will ultimately help you live a longer, happier, more fulfilling life all due to your health.

In “Your Healthy Self,” Regan gives info on the many things your brain needs for your optimal health.

Discover what steps you can take to have a healthy brain and a healthy body.

Regan also dives into the topic of timed eating.  

Intermittent fasting is a hot topic where information is readily available. But, in “Your Healthy Self,” Regan gives the how to and the science behind it all.

It’s more than just info. It’s a guide you need to help you gain the energy you want and need.

Stem cells are a scientific discovery that are changing health care.  

You no longer need to have knee replacement surgery to cure your achy knees. You don’t need to have months of recovery time to heal after a large shoulder surgery.

Regan explains the benefits of stem cells and how they can extend our life as well as helping you have a more enjoyable and fulfilling life without pain.

People Love “Your Healthy Self” 

People are already raving about “Your Healthy Self: Optimizing Health, Brain Cells To Stem Cells.”

Marylin Waller says, “‘Your Healthy Self’ provided me with an extreme depth of very practical wisdom and information. Regan Archibald’s perspective on how to be a healthy person using food, exercise, and a healthy mindset is extremely enlightened! It is wonderful to walk around feeling like I have a new brain that allows me to think clearly and remember details more quickly.”

Get a copy of “Your Healthy Self: Optimizing Health, Brain Cells To Stem Cells” today!

This book gives you the info you need to reach your own healthy self.

Give the book and read and stop by one of our clinics today!