Last week, on our Health Transformation webinar, we talked about real solutions for fibromyalgia.

We wanted to talk a little bit about how we treat fibromyalgia, because it’s much different than it was ten years ago.

There are 18 major pain points that you can identify on a person with fibromyalgia. Those pain points can be very debilitating for them and their families. In this webinar we will talk a little about those stories from our patients.

Fibromyalgia treatment history

Ten years ago, fibromyalgia was not taken seriously. Doctors used to question whether or not fibromyalgia even existed. There were no inflammatory markers that would indicate pain levels in individuals with fibromyalgia. But we are learning now is that it does exist and you can find it in the connective tissue. We’re now able to see many imbalances.

Just because you’ve been told your tests are in the normal range, doesn’t mean your chronic pain doesn’t exist.

A shocking 75-90% of the people struggling with fibromyalgia are women. Their pain was often written off and they were not listened to by many doctors, so many were left with no clear solution to their pain.

Things are a bit different nowadays compared to 10 years ago. Let’s say you go into the doctor looking for treatment for fibromyalgia, 76% of doctor’s visits (not specific to fibromyalgia) end in a prescription to handle the symptoms. We’ve seen a lot of our patients come in that have been on prescriptions like Cymbalta which have been amazing for helping them relieve some of their pain and get through their day to day lives. However, once you start taking any medication consistently, your body begins to rely on it to treat your symptoms.

We want to get your health regenerated or restored. We don’t want to focus on masking your symptoms, we want to find and solve the root cause of your pain.

Here are some of the most common fibromyalgia symptoms.

Here are the 18 regions of pain with fibromyalgia.


Hear from one of our fibromyalgia patients that received stem cell treatment and how she’s improved in the webinar.


Watch the full webinar, Real Solutions for Fibromyalgia, below to learn more about natural answers to your chronic pain, and hear some real stories about those who have come to us for fibromyalgia solutions.

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