While completing his pre-med course work at the University of Utah, Regan Archibald was introduced to something new, acupuncture and the art of eastern medicine. With no background in the discipline, he was skeptical. However, after having great results with acupuncture himself with a lower back problem and learning firsthand from an acupuncturist, he decided to change his entire focus and study only Chinese medicine. The wisdom of his decision can be seen in four locations of his thriving health practice, East West Health Solutions. East West Health Solutions takes a holistic approach to healing. Following an initial consultation, each patient gets a customized care plan where treatment is based specifically on their individual needs. This includes acupuncture treatments, food sensitivity testing, weight loss assistance, and even herbal supplements to address a patient’s health challenge. Regan says they specialize in treating many kinds of ailments but especially headaches, neuropathy, and neck and back pain. The team approach helps him address all factors that may be causing the problem. If patients follow the protocol, East West Health Solutions has a 90% success rate without medications or invasive procedures. It’s not just Utah connecting with acupuncture. Nationally it’s a growing health trend. From 2007 to 2012 usage of acupuncture went up 50% according to the Federal Labor Statistics Board. And the projection is that by 2020 the U.S. will need 100,000 acupuncturists to keep up with demand. Regan says the success of eastern medicine speaks for itself. In one case, a patient who’d been struggling with migraines for 24 years after suffering a head injury as a teenager, came to East West Health Solutions. By that point she was partially debilitated. But as the treatments took effect, she has now gone over a year with no migraines. Such success stories are one reason East West Health Solutions has grown to include clinics in Salt Lake City and now Saint George and is serving clients throughout Utah and in two neighboring states as well. For Zions Bank, I’m Chris Redgrave speaking on business.