Many EMF scientists say that EMFs should be classified as a “Class 1” definite carcinogen.

Other “Class 1” carcinogens are smoking and asbestos.

There are many precautions and warning labels and signs that are used with both smoking and asbestos, but seeing those types of warnings with our cell phones, computers, and other technological devices is rare.

EMFs are dangerous for our health and the EMFs that we are exposed to seems to grow each year.

In 1996, when 2G was around, EMFs were present but not impacting us like they do today.

Each year, more and more EMFs are surrounding us and even if we may not notice, they are affecting us.

How Do EMFs Affect Us?

The top 10 Most Common EMF- Related Symptoms are the following:

  1. Fatigue/ weakness
  2. Sleep disturbance/ insomnia
  3. Headaches/ migraines
  4. Brain fog/ difficulty concentrating
  5. Depression or anxiety
  6. Memory loss
  7. Visual disruptions/ light sensitivity
  8. Skin problems
  9. Heart palpitations
  10. Dizziness

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms on a regular basis, there is a good chance that you are being overexposed to EMFs.

Pay attention to how you are feeling in various environments. 

If you feel less well in locations where there are large amounts of EMFs, there is a large chance that these are the culprits behind your poor health.

How Do EMFs Work?

With smoking, we can see the actual cigarettes and smell the smoke that they give off when they are in use. With asbestos, we may not be able to smell it but we can see it.

With EMFs, we can’t see or smell them. 

How do EMFs work if we can’t see or smell them?

They work by activating microscopic sensors that are found on the surface of every one of your cells. EMFs are adding stress to every cell that is in our body.

How Can We Prevent EMFs?

EMFs are all around us but we can take a few actions to make sure they affect us the least bit possible.

One option is to use a defender pad.

These are devices that you can place your desktop, laptop, or cellphone on and it will prevent the EMFs from coming in contact with your body.

Another idea is to put your phone on airplane mode.

At night, put your phone on airplane mode or keep it outside of your bedroom.

If possible, put your phone on airplane mode when you are carrying your cell phone in your pocket.

When you are using your cell phone, keep a 1 foot distance between you and your cell phone.  

You can do this by using speaker phone or by using headphones when you need to talk on your phone.

Take the challenge that Nick Pineault gives and try your best to use the practices mentioned above and see how your feel.

Take a look at Nick’s guide here with more insight on EMFs and how to protect your body from them.

To learn more about your health, stop by a clinic or give us a call today!