What does electromagnetic frequency (EMF) do to your body?

Nicolas Pineault is the author of The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs, a book that dives deep into whether cell phone use is, in fact, harmful to our health.

Nick, as he likes to be called, was tired of receiving conflicting information about whether or not cell phones cause harm to our bodies.

He decided to start doing his own research in order to find out if cell phones really are dangerous.

He first hopped on the internet and began searching for more information about the topic.

Nick found that there were two arguments out there: the argument that cell phones are terrible for our health and the other argument being that cell phones really had no impact on our health.

Nick decided that the truth most likely was found somewhere in the middle.

After reading tons of studies and researching for the book, he found out that yes, the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that cellphones admit cause harm and we need to take more serious precautions with our technology.

Nick isn’t opposed to cell phone usage, but he is opposed to how we use them.

The first mistake we make is putting the cell phone next to our head. It has been found that each year we use a cell phone, our chance of brain cancer will raise eight percent.

Putting a cell phone in a pocket is the second mistake that has an effect on our health. Especially for men, the constant flow of EMF’s next to your body has the possibility of decreasing your fertility.

Learn more about the dangerous health consequences of your cell phone by downloading this free guide here. 

Take a listen to the podcast and hear Nick discuss how you can stay safe while still using your cell phone.

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