Gaining weight?

Most of the people are facing the problem of being obese or overweight whereas some people are facing being too slim or too skinny.

Some people are naturally skinny from birth but still medically healthy. But sometimes being underweight means that person has a health problem that can be thyroid problems, diabetes, cancer, eating disorders, celiac disease or infections etc. A healthy way to gain weight is to take weight gaining healthy diet. Don’t gain unhealthy fat on your body. Take the healthy calorie-rich diet and healthy fats. Some foods are worst for gaining weight because they inhibit weight gain process by their opposite functions. Weight gain is a time-consuming process for many people. So do it correctly and eat food in the right quantity at right time.


Some foods are worsE for gaining weight because they inhibit weight gain process by their opposite functions.

The worst foods which do not let you gain weight are:

Broccoli: broccoli is rich in fiber and calcium and also known as weight reducing vegetable. It contains lesser calories.

Spinach: spinach is leafy green veggie that is rich in vitamin K, iron and folic acid. It also contains vitamin C and antioxidants which improve weight loss.

Black beans: black beans contain saturated fat and proteins but satisfy hunger and make you fuller for a long time.

Oats: oats are full of fiber that burns fat and boost metabolism. It makes you full for the whole day and reduces the feeling of hunger.

Avocados: avocado is a creamy fruit rich in protein and fiber. It melts the extra fat and prevents fat storage.

Brown rice: packed with fiber. It encourages metabolism process and burns fat. It is low calorie and low energy density food that promote weight loss.

Red wine: wine contains antioxidants that stop fat storage. It boosts calorie burn rate. It prevents fat storage.

Green tea: green tea is also known as a fat reducing drink. It is loaded with antioxidants and burn fat and calories. It promotes weight loss.

Dark chocolate: it slows down digestion and makes you feel full for a long time. It burns fat and calories that decrease weight gain process.

Garbanzo beans: these are also called as chickpeas or slimming beans. These are filled with resistant starch and fiber.

Quinoa: it is a weight reducing whole grain. It is packed with hunger-fighting protein. It prevents overeating by providing fewer calories and making fewer calories and making full for a long time.

Sweet potato: it contains slimming resistant starch which increases the feeling of satiety. It is filled with iron, vitamin C, and calcium.

Apple cider vinegar: it promotes loss of weight by increasing the feeling of fullness. It contains fewer calories.

Chili pepper: it reduces appetite and increases the process of fat burning. It inhibits weight storage. It is found in many weight loss supplements.

Grapefruit: it is effective in weight loss. It decreases the fat storage process. It prevents weight gain.

Greek yogurt: it improves metabolism. It contains lesser calories and increases the feeling of fullness.

Lemons: it is loaded with vitamin C. it satisfies hunger. It helps in weight loss and inhibits weight gain.

Salmon: salmon contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids which promote weight loss and stop weight gain.

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