Recently, we have been focusing on peptides and the power that they have in our bodies. 

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the things you can do to protect your skin, and protect your hair. East West is here to help people love the way they feel about your health.

It’s a common thing to look in the mirror and pick apart the way we look. Whether we wish we had healthier skin or healthier hair or other parts of our body that we wish we could fix, it is usually a consistency in our lives. 

Natural Approaches To Shave Off Years

There are many natural approaches that can be used to shave off five or even ten years. One of the things that East West offers acupuncture for facelifts.

The facelifts are usually paired with PRP. PRP is a vampire type facelift. It is the way of using stem cells for facelifts. It is a natural way to look younger and feel better. 

Many people believe that Botox is the way to go when trying to look younger. PRP is a natural approach but Botox is not. Botox is a neurotoxin that acts as a paralyzing function to your muscles.

It basically stops the nerves from getting all the fuel they need to cause muscles to contract. Many times, after people have received the Botox treatment, they are unable to move their face like they were able to do prior.

It tightens them all up. It is a quick fix, but not the most natural or helpful fix. One of the complaints that a lot of people have about Botox is that it’s harder to communicate because so much of communication is with your eyes. 

Better Than Botox

We use protein structures similar to Botox. They work at diminishing some of the acetylcholine, but they don’t completely shut it down.

You can still get some of that nice boost in your face. What they found in the studies is they found that women using this as a topical cream for four weeks, twice a day, the women’s saw a 48% improvement of fine line and wrinkles in the eye area. 

They also found that if you use this with 10% concentration, for 30 days, 30% of your wrinkles will be gone. The biggest benefit of this is that it allows your skin and your muscles to be able to breathe!

There is another peptide that is used to help with the wrinkles and fine lines in the face. This peptide reduces the neuron excitability in the face and therefore decreases muscle contractions.

Some studies have shown that it could decrease the wrinkle depth by up to 63% in four weeks. 


Leuphasyl is another way to reduce wrinkles and help you feel and look younger. It targets the wrinkle-formation mechanism of the expression of wrinkles in a unique way, offering an alternative to other cosmetic peptides like argireline and SNAP-8. 

Leuphasyl modulates acetylcholine activity and it also helps stabilize catecholamine release. 

There is a special formula that has been created to be able to combine the argireline and the leuphasyl. We have found that this creates a synergistic effect.

In a study that was conducted, they found that by using this formula for 28 days, there was a 24.62% wrinkle reduction.

They also found that a minimum of 60 days was the ideal time period and could reduce your wrinkles up to 50%.

GHK Copper

There is another peptide that is called G H K copper that is great for your face and hair. This is a great peptide for those who are producing too much DHT which is an androgen hormone.

This causes your hair follicles to shrink and then eventually go away. Some of these things are related to genetics and some of it is related to hormonal production. This is great for men and women. 

So one of the easiest ways you can regrow your hair is by using the GHK copper peptide. The peptide takes the dormant miniature size hair follicles and moisturizes them and helps bring nutrients into the follicle. It also blocks out the DHT.

When you block the DHT, the copper peptides create a size increase in the hair thickness and also helps the hair follicles so they are able to get more oxygen. 

What we do at East West Health for scalp rejuvenation is the scalp rejuvenation treatment. This is where we inject PRP and stem cells into eight areas in the scalp.

This can be a way to boost hair growth. Then the copper peptides can stimulate the hair follicle growth. 

GHK- copper is the most popular cosmetic product. It works on wounds, attracts immune cells, and helps with metal toxicity as well. 

Ryan Smith, one of the founders of an innovative pharmacy has found that this peptide can help heal meniscus tears. So if there is some type of ACL or MCL tear, the best treatment is to do some stem therapy treatment or PRP and then use this cream on the area so help with the healing process. 

On the skin, this cream can be used to reduce wrinkles as well. There was a study conducted that shows that there was about a 36% decrease in the wrinkle thickness.

This peptide affects about 32% of your genes. Copper is a critical mineral in your day to day life. It balances hormones. It needs to be used with zinc. So copper acts as the activator and it improves the cell to cell communication. 

Safe And Natural Peptides

The peptides are very safe to use and can produce amazing results for your body–specifically your hair and your skin. Peptides have become the natural, safe option to help you restore your skin and hair and help you feel and look your best. 

East West Health is here to help you with all of your health needs. We want to help you be your best and feel your best. 

If you have any questions, give us a call! 

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