Lately, Regan, the founder of East West Health has been getting questions about bone spurs and arthritis. Many people are concerned about these ailments and they are curious about what can be done to help them relieve their pain. Many people wonder if surgery or medications are the only options. But there are other options available to help get rid of the pain.

In a recent wellness webinar, Regan and Cade dive into a case study from one of their colleagues, Danny Rasmussen in order to explain the options that can be available for those suffering from bone spurs and arthritis. There was a 56-year-old female patient that had clicking in her left hip joint. She was diagnosed with arthritis and bone spurs by an orthopedist who was recommending surgical removal of the bone spur.

She was examined to determine if she was a good candidate for stem therapy. It was realized that the bone spur needed to be taken care of first and that needed to be part of the overall treatment program. The patient was part of a functional medicine program but was also prescribed a different diet full of vitamins. She was put on 30,000 IU D3 daily as well as 300 mcg vitamin K2 daily. She was put on a Ketogenic diet as well as time-restricted diet. In three months, the clicking of the left hip completely disappeared and pain had decreased by 70%. After that, stem therapy injections were put into place which resulted in 100% pain relief in one month.

Eat Your Vegetables, Kids

Firstly, it is important to look at the reasons behind bone spurs so that they can be prevented. It is better to never have them, rather than having to try and reverse them. Bone spurs take place when there is an acidic environment in the body. In order to counter that, a diet that is alkalizing your blood is necessary. You do this by eating dark, leafy greens which are loaded with magnesium. This will detoxify your liver and will negate a lot of those estrogenic factors in the environment. Eating your vegetables is one of the best ways to prevent bone spurs from forming in your body.

There are people out there, for one reason or another, are not fans of vegetables. There are many ways that you can prepare your vegetables in order to create some great flavor and help you get the vitamins your body needs to function properly and bone spurs from happening.

Vegetables Can Give Health Independence

At East West Health, we are here to help you gain your health independence. We want you to be able to move freely, to think freely, to breathe freely, and to eat the right foods. You can’t do these things if you have bone spurs because your joints are not going to move as adequate as they could.

But, with some stem therapy and high doses of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, you can see some massive breakthroughs with dissolving a lot of the calcifications. This will help you get back your health independence without having to depend on surgery. In the United States, we depend on surgeries and medications in order to gain health independence but this is not the best solution. The United States has more surgical procedures per capita than any place in the world and we’re also the most heavily medicated country. But, we’re 42nd on in life expectancy.

Your health can be transformed without surgery or medications. By getting the correct vitamins and by other natural procedures, people can achieve the health independence they are searching for.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D three is a hormone that regulates the activity of osteoclasts. Researchers discovered that deficient levels of vitamin D lead to disregulation of osteoblasts. This can cause abnormal calcification of bone modeling contributing to bone spur formation which also contributes to abnormal calcium deposits in arteries. Vitamin D is really the key component of moving calcium around your body. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body. So if you don’t have vitamin D, the calcium doesn’t have a carrier so it can’t move around the body freely. When you have deficient levels of vitamin D, this is where you get the calcifications in your arteries. Then those calcifications are transported into your joints and you start getting bine spurs. Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin that your body needs in order to work properly but be sure not to go overboard with your vitamin D consumption. Too much vitamin D will damage your kidneys and create other problems for your body.

Be sure to get the proper amount of vitamins in your body so that it is able to function properly and so that you can reach your health independence and be able to move freely and overall, be happier and healthier.

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