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What are some of the REAL side effects of breast implants?

This week’s episode covers breast implants and how they might be compromising your immune system. When Tiffany received her implants, the doctor told her that there were only two side effects to consider. After a serious injury, Tiffany went through a wide range of symptoms, and some of those included depression and suicidal thoughts. Although Tiffany was seeing a therapist at the time, she knew there was something more to this.

When Tiffany found the resource, Healing Breast Implant Illness, she discovered many other women suffering from the same symptoms she was. Did you know implants can get mold on them, that neither an MRI nor an Ultrasound can pick up on? Tiffany took her implants out, and she saw drastic changes. Listen in, to find out more about her story!