A recent Wellness Webinar from Cade and Regan gave more details about our gut health and the importance it has with our overall health.

A great company that will test your gut health is called Viome.

Viome works by using the RNS found in your gut to determine which foods are the most beneficial for your gut and the foods that are least beneficial for your gut.

It also lets you know the different bacterias that are found in your gut.

How Much Does The Bacteria In Our Gut Impact Us?

When we are able to create harmony with nature, we are able to create health. Right before Regan was about to turn 40 years old, he realized his health wasn’t where he wanted it to be.

He wanted to get things all in order before he turned 40. His kids had given him the challenge to get a 6 pack before he turned 40 and he was determined to it.

He started doing the Viome test in order to see where his gut health was at.

With the test, he discovered that his body was in the pre-diabetic stages. He also found that he had a deficiency in akkermansia which helps with the regulation of blood sugar.

He started using the recommendations from Viome and began eating the foods that would benefit his gut health and get it regulated.

The gut is influenced by the things that you put into it. When you have better gut health you have better blood circulation throughout your body.

Bodies are built around the circulatory system. With enough blood vessels and nutrients, you have the ability to heal from anything.

Your body has a combined length of 25,000 miles of blood vessels. That is enough blood vessels to wrap around the globe end to end.

Keeping your boy hydrated and keeping your blood circulation flowing are both crucial factors when you are trying to achieve optimal gut health.

Stomachs are full of acids. The digestive acids are powerful enough to melt zinc. The stomach lining in your stomach is constantly relining itself.

The enzymes are needed in your stomach to break down food. Git intelligence is knowing how to regulate the acidity in your stomach.

For our food digestion, there are different processes that take place. When the food is in our mouth, there is an enzyme called amylase.

The role of this enzyme is to break down carbohydrates and simple sugars. One of the food hits the stomach, the stomach acids break down the proteins so that the body can use the proteins as amino acids and nutrients.

Then the food is taken into the small intestines. Then, with bile secretion, the fats are emulsified and the fatty acids enter into the blood.

Good blood circulation takes nutrients all over your body. So many things influence our bodies and so much is contingent on our gut health.

How To Optimize Gut Health?

There are many ways to get the best gut health possible but the best way to reach that optimal level is by getting your body in line with circadian rhythms.

Studies on two different sets of rats that the rats who had a poor circadian rhythm per prone to more infections. Best way to balance your gut.

There was also a study conducted on people who worked night shifts. They took a stool sample from these people and found that they had elevated levels of stomach bacteria that influence obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease,

Circadian rhythms play a large part in your gut health. Have you ever not slept much the night before and woke up with a stomach that feels a little bit off?

That is due to your circadian rhythms and your gut health.

Be sure to sleep the correct amount of hours each night and sleep in line with your circadian rhythm.

By doing this, you can optimize your gut health, and overall, have better health and a better life.

To learn more about your gut health, watch the full Wellness Webinar found below or reach out to an East West clinic.