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"They are super helpful getting me back on track with my thyroid (graves) issue! They helped me before and I got lazy with my eating and stress management. Now I’m getting back on track and am feeling much better again! Love these guys they really know what they are doing! It's an amazing clinic!"

Jana B.

"I am so glad I found EastWest Health. I have gained quite a bit of relief from my injections and the acupuncture is superb. I like their supplements and their knowledge and ability to help me problem-solve my gut, hormone and inflammation issues. The staff are so personable and friendly and really care! It’s a wonderful clinic!"

Jan C.

"I came to the clinic to address the osteoarthritis of my hip. I could not be more pleased with the care I had. My treatment included various approaches. This integrated approach to health treatment blends the best of traditional western medicine with proven eastern practices. I highly recommend EastWest Health!"

Gail R.

"I signed up with  EastWest Health nearly 11/2 years ago.  It has been a life-changing journey. The extensive testing identified several issues that my regular doctor had not discovered. Besides evaluations, acupuncture, health coaching, physical therapy, supplements, they provided the weekly Health Accelerator Course (100 day challenge) and Regan's Thursday morning podcast, and monthly cooking and exercise classes, etc. I have seen amazing progress emotionally, physically, and mentally. I am very appreciative of Regan and all of the staff, that are so knowledgeable and have shown so much concern and willingness to teach me and help me with whatever I need.  (My husband was so impressed with my progress, that he signed up as well!)  I am no longer discouraged about my health and have a positive outlook for the future. If you are serious about improving your health, I highly recommend EastWest Health."

Gail R.