Unlock Your Brain’s Potential: Join Regan Archibald & Ben Greenfield for a Life-Changing Retreat.

Do more for your health in a day than most do in a year!

Join Regan and Ben at the Brain Rejuvenation Retreat at EastWest Health in Salt Lake City, on February 15th and 16th, 2024.

Regan Archibald

Featuring Host: Regan Archibald

Regan Archibald, world leading peptide expert, will help you navigate brain-protecting peptides like Cerebrolysin, Semax, Selank, DIHEXA, and more. He will show you what peptides work best for your blood lab imbalances so that you stop putting the wrong ones in your body. Regan will share powerful treatments to optimize your brain function and rejuvenate your stem cells.

Featuring Co-Host: Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield, a true powerhouse in the fitness and human performance, will guide you through an experience that will do more your vitality in 2 days, than most people do in a lifetime. Learn how to quickly and permanently get rid of pain. Discover solutions to get the best sleep of your life. Dial in your nutrition without the complexity. 

Special Guest Appearance and Performance by Garrett Gunderson

MOST PEOPLE KNOW ME AS the long-haired, bearded money guy. The financial disruptor. The author. The speaker. The guy who teaches people about the money myths that rob them of their financial future. That hasn’t changed. My mission remains. But one thing has changed. My approach.

A few years ago, I leaned into a passion of mine and took to the stage at a local comedy club to perform a set about what I knew most – money. I noticed something interesting – I was actually somewhat funny (my wife’s exact words). But more importantly, it struck a chord with the crowd. Around the same time I had a dream. I saw how performance and art was a thread to connection – a new way to shatter old paradigms and create new realities. So I began writing a One Man Show – an immersive experience to forever change how we look at money and life. I dedicated myself to the craft. I studied, rehearsed, performed. And now, I’m bringing it to the world.

What if you had the chance to be mentored by two world-class leaders in Age Reversal Medicine AND receive life-saving diagnostic testing and life-changing treatments that are rarely accessible?

The Brain Rejuvenation Retreat is found no place else. Ben Greenfield and Regan Archibald are combining their knowledge and expertise in longevity, peptides, and fitness to give you the chance to experience a complete health makeover. Their insights will propel you forward on your path to optimal health and vitality.

This Retreat will give you:

The Most In-Depth Blood Labs: Dive deep into your biology before the retreat. Our experts will analyze your results to tailor a personalized action plan just for you.

The Experience of Biohacking: Elevate your vitality with cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance your well-being.

Peptide and Stem Cell Party:

  • Experience dozens of peptides and novel brain therapies.
  • Receive your one-on-one Longevity Functional Blood Chemistry Review.
  • Benefit from a personalized vitamin and peptide IV.
  • Create a lifetime relationship with Ben, Regan, and the EastWest Health team.
  • Receive your Peptide Handbook which will put you decades ahead in your knowledge.
  • Spend time with people just like you who are doing amazing things with their lives. 
  • Foster business collaborations and mastermind. 

Unleash the full potential of your brain and propel yourself toward a future of boundless energy, creativity, and longevity!

🎉 Invest in Your Future Self:
This two-day experience is priced at only $500 ($3,000 Value!). Secure your spot now for a journey that blends scientific precision with excitement, led by EastWest Health and fitness expert Ben Greenfield.

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The Brain Rejuvenation Retreat is found no place else. Seating is limited, secure your spot and prepare to witness a transformation in your brain health that will make your next decade, your best decade.

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Event Package: $500

Longevity Blood Testing – Understand your nutrient deficiencies, adrenal and kidney function, inflammation, auto-immune, liver health and much more to determine the best ways to help you perform better.

Carotid Artery Scan – Know and understand your cardiovascular health and artery biological age.

Body Composition Scan – Know and understand your muscle mass and body composition so you can make better decisions about your health and performance.

Vitamin IV – Get revitalized and replenished!

Brain Rejuvenation Upgrade: $1,997
Add to your experience with The most cutting-edge brain optimization treatment through cellular therapies that will leave your brain with better recall and clearer thinking.