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We use many peptides in our Accelerate Wellness Program. Here you can learn a little more about the peptides you are taking.

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HPA Stress Reset Peptides


HPA Axis Reset and Pain Relief- Selank works on the amygdala by breaking down enkephalins which express fear, anxiety, and aggressiveness. Those enkephalins bind on opiate receptors to blunt pain.

Serotonin, GABA, and Dopamine Regulation- Selank eases sugar and food cravings. It activates 52 of the 84 genes that are responsible for GABA, making it a natural “benzodiazepine.”

Enhances Cognitive Function- a 30% increase in BDNF (short/long-term synapses) in animal studies with Selank.

Decreases Brain Inflammation- Selank has been shown to lower TNF-a, IL-6, and other pro-inflammatory cytokines by shifting T cells from Th1/TH17 to Treg in the microglia of the brain. May stop viral replication in the nasal passages.

RG3 Synapsin

RG3 (Ginsenganoids, Methylcobalamine, Nicotinamide Riboside)

HPA Axis Reset- neuroprotective, enhances memory and learning and decreases inflammation. Protects against mold exposures, chemical, and emotional stressors.

Longevity- increases sirtuin pathways via NAD+ for improved cardiovascular health, DNA expression, endurance, and cognitive function.


HPA Axis Reset- activates telomerase activity for longevity and interacts with CD5 for immune stem cell differentiation. Fruit flies and rats given Epitalon had a 52% decrease in mortality.

Sleep, Lipids, and Cholesterol- Epitalon balances circadian rhythms and blood lipids by activating the pCREB and the alkylamine-n-acetyltransferase pathways responsible for melatonin production.

Muscle and Skin Recovery- Epitalon targets the protein synthesis gene for better protein production and decreasing inflammation by enhancing the MMP2 pathway.

Lean Muscle + Endurance Peptides


Liver Health- proteins are well established as building blocks for muscles and your liver is responsible for converting the proteins you eat into slabs of muscle. Tesamorelin has been shown to repair even the most damaged liver so you can rebuild the frame that you want in a shorter amount of time.

Belly Fat Converter- Tesamorelin/Ipamorelin effectively turns your accumulation of mid-section overage to a defined masterpiece by working on your natural youthful growth hormone pathways.

Cardio-Brain Reset- Tesamorelin is a great way to lower non-optimal ranges of cholesterol and clean out your pipes with its inflammatory lowering and regenerative properties. This peptide also improves cognitive decline while you are putting on muscle and enjoying your favorite “Fitness 50 at age 100” challenges.


Youngevity- CJC1295 is a supercharger for muscle building and accelerates recovery by inducing delta sleep waves and resets your circadian rhythms.

Energy Factory- it’s not uncommon to feel a surge of energy after injecting CJC1295, some refer to this as a flushing feeling, I like to think of it as my get up and go is ready to go.


Hunger Control- building muscle is a centerpiece of CJC1295 through the growth hormone pathway which also increases hunger, Ipamorelin tames the hunger and jumps up growth hormone by turning off somatostatin for a 7x greater release.

Overuse of Medications- Ipamorelin helps combat the side effects of glucocorticoids for pain conditions and bisphosphonates that treat osteoporosis.


Brains with the Brawn- Sarcotropin’s unique properties of GHRP’s (growth hormone releasing peptide), solid amino acid stack, vitamins D3 and K2 and nootropics provides world-class, science-based age reversal medicine that also reduces sarcopenia and keeps your blood vessels squeaky clean.

Immune Peptides


Short-Lived Long-Haul– ABP-7 thymulin harmonizes your immune, endocrine, and central nervous system for fast recovery from COVID and other linger-longer infections like Lyme, mold, or EBV.

From Fallout to Fall In– ABP-7 restores balance in a cytokine storm, it also calms autoimmune markers IL-6 and TNF-a for a redistribution of specialized immune cells that can now spend less energy on attacking you and more on egregious invaders and can be used to reverse the aged immune system

Thymogen Alpha 1 (TA1 Frag)

Immune Reinstated- even though your T-cells decline, and your thymus gland shrinks with age, Thymogen Alpha-1 (a thymosin alpha-1 frag) brings them back to life no matter what chronic infection is in the way.

Remodulation- fungal, viral, and bacterial infections can be subtle and devastating to your health, thymogen alpha-1 activates dendritic cells to release antigens that allow your immune system to ward off impending invaders without disturbing your delicate ecosystem.

Odd Cells Out- thymogen alpha 1 is part of your insurance policy against cancer cells by increasing CD-4 and CD-8 cells to stop tumor growth and can be used as adjunctive therapy with chemo and radiation.

CJC1295 / Ipamorelin

Intelligent Immunity- declining growth hormone leads to an involuted thymus gland and immunity decline. CJC1295 recharges your immune cells intelligence by providing an increase of natural growth hormone. The Ipamorelin is the supercharger that yields 7x greater of a release.


Regulate It- KPV is a small peptide chain of 3 amino acids that works like the conductor of your genetic orchestra and turns on genetic expression with just the right pitch while silencing those off-tune so that your innate and adaptive immune response aligns to protect you when you need it most.

Healing Energy- KPV works on a pathway in Chinese Medicine known as the Wei Qi, or the Protective Force, which is an invisible energy field circulating on the outside of your skin. I think that the Wei Qi pathway is the alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which modulates skin pigmentation and immunity.

Fever Reduction- KPV cools the inflammatory fire in feverish conditions via the MSHalpha pathways.

Your Best Weight Peptides

Semaglutide (GLP-1)

Weight Loss Superstar- study participants on average lost 15% of their total body weight or approximately 30 pounds.

Blood Sugar/Diabetes– lowers HbA1c, protects beta cells in the pancreas for improved insulin sensitivity, decreases appetite by delaying gastric emptying, and enhances feelings of satiety. Aids in reversal of Type 2 diabetes but not safe for Type 1 diabetics.

Cardio-protective- semaglutide improves heart rate and blood pressure. Repairs damaged cardiac tissue following an event. Increases left ventricle performance and reduce systemic vascular resistance.

Brain Enhancement- removes beta-amyloid plaque in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease, and has been shown to improve learning and memory with increased protection of the neurons in the brain.


Happy Weight Loss- norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin reuptake inhibitors for better metabolism, impulse control, and happy weight loss. Norepinephrine stimulates fat metabolism, dopamine promotes satiety, and serotonin helps prevent overeating. Increases BDNF for learning and reduces depression.

Lose Weight for Good- the effectiveness of Tesofinsine on appetite control remains even after participants no longer used this peptide, leading to favorable long-term eating patterns, not dependent on willpower.

Insulin Resistance- Tesofinsine influences the uptake of glucose which leads to lower fat deposition.


Lose Weight, Feel Young- Pituitary HGH activation without increasing IGF-1 or an immune response. Early studies show that this peptide tripled weight loss when compared to a placebo in 300 obese individuals.

Healthy Heart- AOD9604 enhances cardiac protection through the beta-3-adrenergic receptor pathways. Improves cardiovascular function, endurance, and sleep.

Pain-Free Joints- research shows that AOD9604 injected directly into joints may aid in the regeneration of osteoarthritic joints and may help improve stem cell proliferation when used with perinatal tissue.

Gut Recharge Peptides


LL37 is naturally secreted in humans only as a response to infections and is one of the body’s most advanced anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiinflammatory peptides. It might be the most promising replacement for antibiotics because of its ability to select pathogenic from friendly microbes.

**Leaky Gut- LL37 downregulates TL4 and increases IL-18 to decrease inflammation, repairs leaky gut by binding on lipopolysaccharides (LPS) to stop bacterial translocation and repairs compromised barriers. SIBO and Biofilms- Useful for IBS or any acute or chronic infections. Breaks down biofilms in SIBO, mold, and Lyme disease, and corrects inflammatory conditions of the intestines.


BPC157 (body protective complex) was first isolated from human gastric juices and has been shown to be protective of gut barriers, combats inflammation and resolves IBS.

Heals Barriers- BPC157 stimulates nitric oxide for new vessel growth. It regulates the gut/brain axis via the vagus nerve and stimulates hormone production in the gut. Helps reset the circadian cycles in the body.

Overuse of Medication- the body protective complex reduces damage caused by long-term use of NSAIDS that increase gastric bleeding.


KPV is a powerful bioregulator in the body that treats inflammatory conditions of the gut and skin by downregulating the IL-6 and TNF-a pathways. Eases suffering from IBS, colitis, and Crohn’s disease.

Infections- KPV works on the alpha-MSH pathway, and its antimicrobial effects have been demonstrated on S. aureus and C. Albicans, two common pathogens in irritable bowel disease.


Vasoactive Intestinal peptide relaxes the smooth muscle in the gut, lowers blood pressure, and aids the immune function with mold and Lyme exposure. Balances the parasympathetic nervous system.

Inner Genius Peptides


Supercharged Brain- studies support Noopept’s ability to enhance memory, learning, and thinking ability by increased alpha- and beta-rhythms.

Electric Brain- Noopept amplifies neurotransmission signaling between the brain cells for creativity, faster learning, and increased retention.

Faster Focus- reduced fatigue, anxiety, and increased exploratory patterns in the brain. Reduces stress and prevents cognitive decline. Lowers inflammation and protects against plaque build-up in the brain.


Creative Output- increases cognitive function, and memory, and improves sleep patterns. Aniracetam boosts energy, enhances mood via serotonin, and stimulates acetylcholine for learning.

Neuro-Plasticity- aniracetam improved mild to moderate cognitive decline in elderly adults through improved electrical signaling in the hippocampus of the brain.

Happy Energy- everyone is happier with an optimized brain and aniracetam has been shown in both human and animal studies to facilitate dopamine and serotonin interactions while increasing ATP.


Emotionally Fit- tesofinsine enhances norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin to provide you with focused serenity while also increasing BDNF for learning and cognitive function. These neurotransmitters allow you to actively engage in more meaningful work without getting burned out-every entrepreneur’s dream.

Your Brain and 6-Pack Optimized- tesofinsine activates norepinephrine to stimulate fat metabolism, dopamine to promote satiety, and serotonin so that you ditch the food coma. Researchers first looked at this peptide as a regenerative agent for Parkinson’s disease but soon found out that their participants were shedding

Energy (MITO) Recharge Peptides

5 Amino 1 MQ

Energy and Longevity Recharge- activates the SIRT 1 pathway for recharged AMPk and NAD+ production. Increases cellular metabolism and metabolic rate. Turns off cancer pathways for greater longevity.

Athleticism- stops age-related muscle wasting, increases stem cell activation in muscles following an injury, and improves contractility by 70%.

Weight loss- 5-amino-1-MQ turns off the NNMT fat-storing pathway and helps shrink fat cells and deposits. It reduces risks of diabetes, atherosclerosis, kidney, liver, and cardiovascular disease by lowering cholesterol by 30% after 16 weeks.

Insulin Sensitivity- 5-amino-1-MQ works on the GLUT4 pathways for glucose metabolism with insulin resistance especially when combined with exercise.

IGF-1 / LR3

Muscle Recharge- IGF-1/LR3 increases the myostatin pathway for muscle growth and recovery. It protects muscle cells and increases proprioception. IGF-1/LR3 is an exercise Memetic that activates the MyoD protein which is triggered by exercise or damaged tissue responsible for hypertrophy.

Nootropic and Longevity- IGF1 is the key that unlocks BDNF for neuroplasticity. IGF-1 prevents kidney and liver disease and even wards off dementia. IGF-1 controls inflammation and turns off autoimmunity.


10x Exercise Capacity- your MOTS-c peptide triggers longevity, metabolism, and insulin sensitivity while increasing brown fat activation. MOTS-c activates heat shock proteins for muscle recovery through the AMPk energy-building pathway.

Goodbye Osteoporosis- MOTS-c activates type 1 collagen metabolism in bones by regulating the TGF-beta pathway for osteoblast stem cells which give way to gorgeous bone mineral density.

Age Reversal Medicine- MOTS-c is more expressed in Japanese populations that live longer. It has also been shown that patients with heart disease have lower levels of MOTS-c and more endothelial cell damage. MOTS-c lowers cardiac inflammation and improves epicardial vessel function.

Pain & Regeneration Peptides


Analgesic- ARA290 decreases inflammation by turning off cytokines IL-6, IL-12, and TNF-alpha, improving wound healing and tissue repair. Reduces blood pressure, blood glucose, and autoimmunity.

Repairs- ARA290 stimulates blood vessel growth, stabilizes blood pressure, calms nerves, and reduces pain.

Nerve Pain- neuropathic pain thresholds are improved with ARA290’s impact on the small nerve fibers


Heals Damaged Areas- BPC157 stimulates nitric oxide for new vessel growth and increases fibroblasts for tendon repair in a more effective way than most other therapies.

Overuse of Medication- the body protective complex reduces damage caused by long-term use of NSAIDS that increase gastric bleeding. BPC157 is effective against cortisone injection overuse.

Thymosin Beta 4

Muscle Soreness- alleviates delayed onset and post-workout muscle soreness through the VEGF pathway.

Stem Cell Recruitment- the thymosin beta 4 gene activates stem cells when tissues are damaged which improves cell migration, inflammation, and degeneration.

Brain Health- thymosin beta 4 has neuroprotective properties and its immune properties decrease beta-amyloid plaques in Alzheimer’s disease and increase neuronal autophagy.


Joint Pain- AOD9604 when injected directly into a damaged joint with human tissue allographs, PRP, or other carriers, shows improvements in cartilage structure, and mobility, and improves joint function


Genetic Sweeping- GHK is a bioregulator that cleans up genetic signaling and research shows it mobilizes stem cells into damaged tissue. Improves skin elasticity and aids in new tissue formation.

Collagen- GHK increases collagen production, lowers inflammation, and is widely used for age reversal.

Cognitive Reclamation Peptides


BDNF- Semax restores brain tissue damage from TBIs, stroke, cognitive impairment, and dementia, and calms inflammation of the optic nerve so that you make your coordination and inner athlete great again.

Serotonin and Dopamine Reset- Semax optimizes your brain’s rest state for better focus, less depression, and faster learning so that you feel more attentive professionally, and socially, and finish what you start.

Smart Genes- Semax stimulates the expression of 24 genes that improve your brain’s circulation and energy production and enhance brain cell activity for an ideal nutritional supply for maximum productivity.


Protect Your Brain- DIHEXA restores self-inflicted brain damage by improving neurogenesis, activating stem cells, and removal of the toxic wasteland that has been holding your genius back.

Boosts Your Memory (for good)- DIHEXA repairs synaptic connectivity through the formation of new functional synapses that improve spatial memory, and new brain connections, and increases acetylcholine.

Hearing Loss Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Protection- DIHEXA remits blood flow to the brain resulting in a decrease of beta-amyloid plaque and brain inflammation even if you are genetically predisposed.


Good Mood- Selank calms your amygdala freak-out zone, by breaking down enkephalins that express fear, anxiety, and aggressiveness… as a bonus, it gently binds on opiate receptors to blunt pain.

GABA-tized- Selank’s shortcut to quelch your anxiety occurs by activating 52 of the 84 genes that are responsible for GABA, making it a natural “Chill-You-Out-Benzo” that type A’s dream about.

Youthful Spark- imagine having your brain’s youthful spark restored. Selank might be the fastest way to get there with a 30% increase in BDNF which improves both short/long-term memory.

Brain on Fire to Fire Brain- Selank has been shown to lower TNF-a, IL-6, and other pro-inflammatory cytokines by shifting T cells from Th1/TH17 to Treg which are also fancy molecules that prevent infections.

Sexual Rejuvenation Peptides


Get That Sexual Feeling- PT-141 (bremelanotide) bypasses insecurities and builds up desire by acting on the central nervous system via the melanocortin receptors.

Female and Male Enjoyment- PT-141 helps erase hyperarousal disorders in women and even improved sexual function in men with ED than Viagra (sildenafil) so get your date night planned.

Studies show PT-141 to have immune-protecting properties, lowers inflammation, and it even aids in fat metabolism.

Gonadorelin + Kisspectin

Vitality- both Kisspectin and Gonadorelin release FSH and LH so that you can naturally improve hormone levels while fine-tuning testosterone specifically.

Fertility Quotient- Gonadorelin and Kisspectin are not to miss peptides that have robust properties to not only enhance your passionate drive but also increase fertility and regulate menstrual irregularities.

Brings on the Good Moods- no one wants to make love with a grump. Both Kisspectin and Gonadorelin foster enhanced limbic activity in the brain, increased reward-seeking behavior, and improved overall mood.

Melanotan 2

Arousal Activator- beyond getting darker skin pigmentation, Melanotan 2 increases sexual arousal, promotes reproductive area blood flow, and binds to genes that regulate hormones.

Stimulation with Impulse Control- Melanotan 2 increases sexual arousal while also improving impulse control with alcohol and eating.

Bonus Territory- Melanotan 2 helps stabilize blood sugar, improves satiety, and also aids in alertness.

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