Upcoming Retreats

December 14th

We host monthly retreats!

Please contact us for future dates. 

My name is Regan Archibald, the founder of East West Health, we specialize in peptides, functional, regenerative, and age reversal medicine so that more of you feel and look your best no matter what age. We host longevity retreats because we believe that it’s the best way for you to get a jumpstart on your life and health goals.

Our Longevity Retreats are a way for you to understand your body’s lab work in new ways so that you are in the driver’s seat of your health. Your peak state experience will give you instant access to your subconscious mind so that you can explore the beliefs that might be holding you back. You will also be able to upgrade the health of your joints, hair, and whatever else you’d like to regenerate and if you love a great deal on our human umbilical tissue treatments, this is the place to get them because we can order in bulk for the entire group and pass on the savings to you.

What’s in store for you at our longevity retreats?

-World-Class Health Education from the East West Health Team

-Diagnostic Blood Labs with 1-on-1 review  ($1,000 value)

-Peptide Party ($500 value)

-Vitamin IVs for Energy and Immunity ($300 value)

-Acupuncture and Personalized Biohacking Treatment ($200 value)

-Peak State Journey (access your subconscious mind)

-Personalized Fitness and Movement Sessions

-Insightful Coaching Sessions

-Rejuvenation Sessions

-Fitness 50 at Age 100 Zone

What Retreat Attendees Are Saying!

“Your entire staff is amazing. It’s like getting medical assistance surrounded by friends”

What was your favorite part? “The Ketamine therapy and the laid back, very comfortable environment.”

A. T.

“I am even more committed to following the diet and exercise. And I enjoyed the counsel on the pillars and life planning items because I haven’t done them yet. The info today really motivated me.”

What was your favorite part? “I enjoyed the instruction from the coaches, as well as discussing things as a group at our table”

R. G.

“The retreat was the perfect balance of services delivered like regenerative therapies, ketamine, acupuncture, and biohacking with the right amount of group discussion and educational curriculum.”
J. F.

The “Longevity Retreat” Experience

Everyone at East West Health loves our monthly retreats. There’s nothing else like these retreats, and you can participate at any stage of your progress. Most of our patients will come between month 3 and month 12 of working with us, and then they come back once or twice a year. It’s one of the most rejuvenating things that you can do for your overall health.

At East West Health, we’re not just building a clinic, we’re building a community. When you come to a retreat you meet like-minded people so you can build a community and camaraderie with others who share your goals and perspective. We have a beautiful facility to support this process. We have a Fitness 50 area, biohacking, vitamin IV’s, tissue allografts, acupuncture stations, and more.

You can also look forward to getting introduced to different longevity thinking tools that will assist with your mindset because the mindset is what is needed more than anything.

While you’re onsite, you get to take part in some longevity treatments, from tissue allograph cell therapies to hair restoration. Many of our retreat participants choose to do a whole-body makeover while they’re onsite. Not only is it a significant cost savings, but when you’re in a group setting, your body’s in an amplified healing state and an even bigger transformation can occur.

Of course, while you’re here, you are well-fed!