Sara Supinski

Sara Supinski is a nationally board-certified (NCCAOM) and Utah-licensed acupuncturist. In 2012, she graduated from the Southwest Acupuncture College with a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine. Sara has advanced training in Functional Medicine, Peptide Therapy and has completed a fellowship training program with Wild Health. With her membership in the International Peptide Society and collaborative work at East West Health, Sara is one of the leading Peptide Specialists and Functional Medicine Practitioners in the nation.

Through Sara’s worldly travels she was introduced to an integrative approach to medicine. She discovered that there is more to helping the body heal than medications and standard medical care. Sara loves helping people optimize their wellness by determining the underlying cause of their condition through proper testing and comprehensive treatment strategies. She seeks to gently guide her patients through every step of their recovery, recognizing the journey is as important as the result. In her free time, Sara enjoys all things fitness, especially biking, and cooking elaborate meals for her family of 4.