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Picture this: you and your partner, hand in hand, discovering the secrets of your bodies and unlocking the path to a long and vibrant life. This isn’t your ordinary Valentine’s Day gift; it’s a journey of love and wellness, wrapped in a lab coat and sealed with a blood sample.

With our Comprehensive Longevity Blood Testing, you and your sweetheart will embark on an adventure to explore your biological landscapes like never before. Dive deep into your biology and uncover valuable insights into your health, from heart health markers to nutritional deficiencies. It’s the ultimate bonding experience that goes way beyond candlelit dinners and romantic gestures.

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We’ve noticed that most of the time, doctors run very limited blood panels which also limits your ability to find underlying causes of your symptoms. But because our healthcare system is designed to use drugs to treat symptoms, there’s not much of a need to understand the cause.

The other issue with conventional lab values is the fact that they are far too broad and fail to report sub-optimal ranges. In other words, by the time your labs show anything outside of normal limits….it’s too late.

Once you have your labs reviewed at EastWest Health, you will quickly see where your health threats are and understand the cause in ways that haven’t previously been available.

In analyzing over 5600 of these comprehensive lab reports, we’ve found that rather than focusing on diagnosing disease, we can help you move towards your health goals in a much easier way by:

Removing interferences — anything that’s getting in the way of optimal health
Removing inflammation — an immune response from exposure to oxidative stress
Removing toxins — getting rid of chemicals that are bad for your health
Building up deficiencies — identifying and addressing shortages of substances needed by your body to operate optimally

How Our Blood Labs Can Help You…

A Patient’s Point of View


“After I had my longevity bloodwork reviewed, I got answers I’ve been searching for for over a decade. The EastWest Health team put a plan together for me and I’m beyond thrilled to have an objective way to approach my health-not just another pill! I’ve learned how to exercise in ways that I never thought I could. I’m breathing through my belly, which I’ve never been able to do.

I had a virus 10 days ago, but I noticed I got through it faster than I ever remember getting through a cold. They used to set me back for about a month. I’ve increased my protein consumption. Now I’m eating an enormous amount, but I feel incredibly energized by it. My focus on hydration and fiber has also been a game changer.

I’m sleeping better, and my energy has improved at least double. I’ve also noticed that my accountability to myself is so much more powerful, to the point I do not need that evening drink. I’ve made phenomenal improvements in the choices I’m making, in my stress levels, and in my ability to be a great mother and grandmother.”

–Christine, M. 67-year-old


Working with Andie (and everyone at EastWest), I learned new things and broke through old thinking habits that were holding me back. You won’t get some homogenized program here, but rather a personalized approach that is specific to your individual health needs. Your health starts and ends with you, but we all need a little help and a compassionate ear.

-Joey, 41-year-old male