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Overall health starts with your body. You wouldn’t put the wrong type of gas in your car, right? Treat your body the same way.

Weight loss treatments, become the need of the hour

Six out of 20 young people in the age group 17 to 24 can join the armed forces. However, the single disqualifying factor today is obesity. You heard it right. We are talking about youth obesity here. There were over 1.9 million adults fighting overweight problems in 2014 reveals the WHO statistics. Countries with overweight problem witness more people dying due obesity than being underweight. WHO study for 2014 outlines that approximately 41 million children who were under the age of 5 were obese. Some of the common health consequences of obesity are cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes and certain cancers.

Worried? You no longer have to. Our weight loss clinic in Park City, St. George and Salt Lake City now has a cure. 

Medical weight loss treatment by turning on the fat burners

Did you know your body can actually burn fat? We gain weight when we mobilize the fat –storing mechanism in our body. So when we increase our carbohydrate intake it causes our blood sugar to soar. Next your body releases insulin, that’s responsible for wrangling the sugar and getting it out of your bloodstream into your muscle cells. But, if you want to access medical weight loss services your body will have to do exact opposite.

Our weight loss treatments help you shed that extra pound by turning on 6 fat burning hormones including insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), thyroid hormones, adrenalin, testosterone and glucagon. This also means your body will have to turn off three hormones that make you fat such as cortisol, estrogen and insulin. Experts at our weight loss clinic on two major reasons why the body fails to turn on the fat burning hormones namely food intolerances and organ/gland mal-function.

Food intolerance check for medical weight loss treatment

You may feel you are consuming all the right food but are not getting a desirable outcome. May be you are eating the food that does not suit your body. ALCAT test can help you identify all those forbidden foods. The test will name the food your body does not digest well. It can be that one thing that keeps you from losing weight. Food you are intolerant to help you gain weigh because not only fails you absorb the vital nutrients but also retains water. ALCAT test results will guide you to pass on food you are intolerant to with foods that suit your body. As you drop the intolerable food from your diet you will see great results.

Medical weight loss by identifying organ/gland malfunction

Human body has glands that are often associated with weight gain. These organs or glands include liver, adrenal, thyroid and ovary. Thus, identifying the mal function of an organ or gland can guide the course of your weight loss treatments. While your sagging belly is associated with improper functioning of the adrenal glands, fat collected on your hips and thighs are linked with the ovaries.  Likewise thyroid helps collect fat all over the human body.

Our medical weight loss treatment is focused on removing the stress from the mal-functioning organ or gland and helps the body burn the stubborn fat. Want a new wardrobe? Then it is time to meet Regan Archibald and the East West team who are dedicated to revolutionizing the way people look and manage body fat.

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"They are super helpful getting me back on track with my thyroid (graves) issue! They helped me before and I got lazy with my eating and stress management. Now I’m getting back on track and am feeling much better again! Love these guys they really know what they are doing! It's an amazing clinic!"

Jana B.

"I am so glad I found East West. I have gained quite a bit of relief from my injections and the acupuncture is superb. I like their supplements and their knowledge and ability to help me problem solve my gut, hormone and inflammation issues. The staff are so personable and friendly and really care! It’s a wonderful clinic!"

Jan C.

"I came to the clinic to address the osteoarthritis of my hip. I could not be more pleased with the care I had. My treatment included various approaches. This integrated approach to health treatment blends the best of traditional western medicine with proven eastern practices. I highly recommend East West!"

Gail R.