Learn The Truth About How To GET RID of Belly Fat

Tired Of Being Tired?

When our energy is depleted, it makes it hard to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. We help you lose weight AND boost your energy!

Healthy Hormones

Rather than giving the body a hormone, why not get the body to produce it’s own? Determining the underlying cause of your imbalances is the key. 

Ideal Weight

Did you know your body can actually burn fat? We lose weight when we mobilize the fat–storing mechanism in our body.

Hello! I’m Regan Archibald


We will give you better solutions to helping you get rid of unwanted belly fat and fat reserves than you have ever tried before.

We will be addressing the causes of weight gain, and not just the symptoms.

For years we thought that restricting calories, exercising, and eating low fat foods would make us fit and healthy, but where has that really gotten us in America?

We are fatter, sicker, and more depressed than ever – and it won’t go away unless you do something about it right now.

If you want to get to your ideal weight, feel energized again, and have healthy hormones – then there are three secrets that you need to know about.

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MIC B12 Injection

MIC B12 is a fat burning, liver supporting, energy producing injection that can be used to facilitate weight loss.

Medical Evaluation

You will be evaluated by one of our medical providers.


We will use the latest, proven treatments to maximize your weight loss results!