Your inner transformation.- Something we have been doing a lot on our health transformation podcast is talk about new year’s resolution fails. It all starts with setting goals and intentions and then something happens and time passes and we are in the same place without accomplishing anything.

For Jeni Eyre, at a moment of her life, she realized that even though she was having a certain healthy lifestyle she was not feeling well. So, at that very moment she knew nothing about functional health, once she started working with East West health she learned a lot and started studying and making changes to her life with which now she feels at her best, her healthiest! 


Relationship are a challenge when it comes to keep up to the healthy habits

building healthy habits with east west acupuncture and health

Even when you decide to stick to wellness and change your eating habits and your routines, you need to keep a close eye on your relationships and who you are spending your time with. The people you spend time with have a huge influence in your life, routines and behaviors. Sometimes we might feel pressure from what everyone else is eating or doing, and because of this social pressure we eat what we shouldn’t even when we know that it is detrimental to our health. 

So we do try our best to engage in health and wellness but there are so many things happening in our life, the worst is when we reach the holiday season and throw away everything we have been working towards. You could say it’s hard to eat well when everyone has a busy schedule and we’re attending social gatherings where you feel obliged to eat the food that is being prepared for you. 

Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is defined as the deteriorating quality of decisions made by the individual after a long session of decision making.

If you’ve been having long and stressful days, after long weeks of work, then sorting by the time you get home you need to think about what to do for dinner… But you are exhausted so you decide to order pizza or pick up fast food just because you don’t have the mental capacity to make one more decision, especially a healthy one! 

Thinking extremely

Usually, among patients, and even health professionals, there’s this belief that everything is black or white, in and out, all or nothing, and this applies to healthy habits too. I rather go to the gym, eat healthy, sleep well, or do the complete opposite and accomplish nothing that betters my health. This is a really harmful mentality!

Cravings, comfort foods, and weather

cravings when building healthy habits

Many patients ask themself if the comfort food is a real craving or if they are an actual body necessity because of the weather or season. What our expert can say to this is that no mattering the season, when a craving appears you should focus on what is happening physiologically, ask yourself:

  • What would serve me best at this moment?
  • Am I thirsty?
  • Do I need emotional support?
  • Do I need something to comfort me? 
  • What’s the real reason behind this craving?

Then, Jeni likes to get rid of labels when it comes to food, meaning she doesn’t like to think something is just good or bad, only to think that there are “always foods” and “sometimes food”. Labels can be harmful!

So, when it comes to holiday eating, label them your sometimes foods and say you are serving yourself by eating them, you enjoy them and then you can switch back to your always foods.

Why is it so important to start your healthy habits now?

starting and creating healthy habits with east west health acupuncutre and functional medicine

The main reason is preventive health! Conventional Western medicine has saved many lives and is very important, but as functional medicine professionals, we can notice a lack of preventive medicine. We have individuals who have lived longer with a more chronic disease, meaning that maybe you live longer than previous family members but those 30 or 20 extra years you have lived you suffer a condition like cancer or diabetes.

Think of preventive medicine as a long road and at the end of that road there is a cliff, and at the border of the cliff is an ambulance. As you walk to the road you have the opportunity to build barriers, put rocks, or anything that prevents you from falling, but if you don’t you’ll end up falling and then the ambulance will catch you or rescue you at the bottom but you had an opportunity to put barriers and blockage before falling. Same happens with your body and chronic conditions!

Now let’s take autoimmunity as an example! When you suffer from Hashimotos, you may experience leaky gut, inflammation, depression, skin problems, fatigue, even just one symptom for a healthy individual is reason enough to visit a doctor now imagine having them all. Imagine a big forest on fire, what would you do if the forest is near your home? You will not throw a bucket of gasoline and three buckets of water, you would want to get fire hoses, airplanes with water blocks, and all you can to stop the fire.

This means, when it comes to health you will not only want and need to prevent a problem but also treat or attack existing problems now to solve them. 

Atomic Habits by James Clear

This breakthrough book from James Clear is the most comprehensive guide on how to change your habits and get 1% better every day. And here is Jeni Eyre outcome applied to health:

  1. Forget goals they are unattainable: goals involve something larger. Example: I want to run a marathon, lose 50 pounds, etc. Those take a lot of time! Is hard to know where to start, it is overwhelming. So a more realistic goal would be: I’ll run for two minutes tomorrow morning. Once you get up and achieve that small action item something clicks in your brain and gives you a sense of satisfaction.
  2. Choose small seeming less or unimportant habits that feel too easy: Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. When it comes to your health everything is the result of a small investment you’ve been doing for some time. Every small action matters, it all builds on top of each other.

Breakthrough moments are often the raw result of many previous actions which build up the potential required to release a major change.

  1. Focus on your system: what in your system is not working? For many patients something that doesn’t work in their system is having a panty, a freezer, or a fridge, full of processed food that isn’t offering many nutrients, it’ll be complicated to not consume them. But, if you open your fridge and you see a lot of fruits and vegetables, or meals that you already prepared, healthy meats, those are your always foods and will make it easier to stick to your healthy habits. That’s just an example, examine all of your routines and find out what in your system is not working! 
  2. How are you contributing to your new health identity: a health identity is when as an example you said: I don’t work out or eat healthy because “I just don’t do that, I don’t have time, I don’t see the point in this because we are going to die anyway, etc.” This is a real health identity! But in the other health, we encourage you to visualize how could you change that health identity to obtain a new one where you are becoming who you want to be, where you are contributing to your purpose and the people who you want to be, those small step you can take to contribute to that best version of yourself.

Small healthy habits

building healthy habits daily
  • Use blue light glasses
  • Open your windows in the morning and let fresh air and expose yourself to natural light, exposing yourself to amber light in the morning and in the evening that’ll help regulate your circadian clock and your circadian rhythms.
  • Track your water! You can use a bottle and mark down the ounces you take, download an app to remind you to drink water, and track how much water you take. 
  • Clean up your fridge and fill it with fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • If you are going to a party or a social gathering, bring something to the table you can eat and encourage others to try it and see how delicious it is. You would be positively influencing people you love!
  • I should vs. I will: Instead of telling yourself “I should do this or that because of my health” you’ll obtain mental resistance, but if you tell yourself “I will do this or that for my health” something opens up in your mind and you are more likely to accomplish a goal.
  • Make a list of things you could do to positively influence people around you on healthy habits.
  • Habit Bull App: it allows you to add a habit and it will create a calendar for you per your requirements, it works great to start implementing habits.


If you are looking to transform your health in a positive way and to start building healthy habits click this link to our latest health transformation courses/challenges,  

  • 100-days transformation challenge
  • The 5-day challenge for gut reset
  • And more!

Is the perfect way to start applying everything we mentioned above, because we know it takes time and we want to be your guide in that journey and to start now! 

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Special thanks to Anne Markt and Jeni Eyre for sharing all this valuable information with us!